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MWBO:Early RGUS-Spaced In by drewhammond MWBO:Early RGUS-Spaced In by drewhammond
‘MWBO: Early RGUS – Spaced In’. Rendering by: RGUS. MWBO = MasterWorks By Others.

As opposed to ‘Spaced Out’.
The artist, titled this stunner: ‘In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Scream’, which is takeoff from the first ‘Alien’ movie.
I changed his title by substituting ‘MWBO’, and ‘Early RGUS’. Because it is. As well as adding ‘Spaced In’, because it fits.
While there are times when I’ll change this artist’s titles, and this is one of those times; there is no time when I’ll change my opinion of his artistic genius.

This is an early RGUS which he uploaded on his ‘Renderosity Art Site’ on October 20, 2005. Later, when he migrated over to the ‘DA Art Site’, he started uploading his later pictures.
The following in the ‘Renderosity Artist’s Comments Section’ is what Deane said about this picture:

“Title: ‘In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Scream’. Must start leaving this ‘Stonemason’ scene alone... Just like it too much...
Cheers for looking and commenting it you like...

Here is an artist that normally is of a few words. Then again, if I had an artistic talent like this I would be a megalomaniac. In short – Insufferable. But that is not Deane. He is a kind and considerate human being. In short, a class act. In this rare case he rambled on a bit. And so what.

Anyway, this work was done during the early stages of his development as an artist. Deane initially created it for his Renderosity Art Site, of which he is a member. And here it is for all the DA Site viewers.

Deane and I have worked out an arrangement whereby once a year he would create a small number of renders for me that would feature female boxers, which I would upload onto my DA Main Site. In addition I would also feature a number of his ‘Warrior Women’, because this is a site devoted, in the main, to combative women. There is a ‘However’ to all this. And this image is one of those ‘Howevers’.

There are times when I will feature a work by RGUS that is so astonishing beautiful, or so over-the-top in imagination, or funny, that I will forgo my combative women theme and have my viewers see a work that is transcendent in both creativity and stunning beauty. This is one of those times. In this case it is a damn beautiful (in its own way) piece of work; and as mentioned before – Funny, in addition to being a rather clever POV (Point Of View) of the bike. .

In fact this is one of those ‘Jaw-Dropping’ classics, which re-define the ‘Classic Picture’ genre, that Deane is able to create with madding regularity. Normally I pride myself in my ability to use the English language to describe various forms of art, but in this case words fail me. The art speaks for itself – And to yourself. And myself. And that is all I am about to say. However, the artist has something to say about all this, and here is a bit of background. In his ‘DA Artist’s Comments’ section he’s usually a man of few words; and at times they are rather technical. But then again, with an artistic talent like this, why waste words.

This is one of Deane’s earliest creations, and is in his ‘Renderosity Art Site’. This was a time when he was still learning his craft and searching for his own visual voice – So to speak. All of his early works were for the ‘Renderosity Art Site’, which is an art site similar to Deviant Art, but not nearly as good as DA. I was personally thrown out by the Rendo censors years ago. Now he places a lot of his current works onto his DA Site.

As stated before, once a year I feature Deane’s (the artist’s name) artwork, and that time has arrived again. Now, Deane is rather prolific, and his tastes of women are varied. Because this particular DA Site of mine specializes in female warriors, that is the genre which will be uploaded – Sorta. During the last year he has also created a number of stunning works that are anything but combative. As such I will be including a few ‘Pure Beauties’. Of course the first comment from my steady viewers will be, ‘This site is devoted to ’Combative Women’, what the hell has a stunner wearing no boxing gloves nor sword got to do with fighting women?’ Simply this – Nothing. Also simply this – Everything. By that I mean this site is dedicated to everything, and anything, I consider great art.

When I started the MWBO (MasterWorks By Others) and MPBO (MasterPieces By Others) series years ago, the works of RGUS were one of the first groupings to be uploaded. Initially, they were the ‘Pure Art’ portion of his renderings. Later, the ‘Combative Women’ of his collection were presented. The first one was a ‘Boxing’ image, then followed by a ‘Female Warrior’ image; that followed by a female boxer. Then another warrior. They alternated that way until I run out of boxers. But there were still plenty of warriors to go.

It worked then, and that is how this new series has begun, and will now continue. Here is the background of this rendering. This picture is from his Deviant Art Site that RGUS contributes to. He gave me permission to add it to my collection, and here it is for the DA viewers. As I already mentioned, the artist’s name is Deane and he resides in New Zealand.

Oh yes, he still contributes to Renderosity, which is another art site similar to DA. I’ll make sure that site is linked, as well as his DA Site.

Now we’ll end with my words.

Deane creates great art. And in a lot of cases – With great humor. Since he is from New Zealand, the spelling of his humour, in contrast to my humor, is about the only thing we disagree about. I suppose they also drive on the wrong side of the street down there too. Makes sense though, considering his country is on the other side of the equator, near the bottom of the planet, so everything must be in reverse. And they spell color: Colour. They are a strange people. But I digress.

Now to the point. All of these current renderings are going to be arty. RGUS has done plenty of combative women poses, and here they come. I am honored that one of the very best artists in DA has given me permission to upload them, for each and every one of these pictures is ‘in deed’ a masterwork.
Both of his sites on 'Deviant Art' and 'Renderosity' can be accessed via: RGUS.

‘Nuff said, Drew
His Deviant Art link is: [link]
His Renderosity Art link is: [link]
And the logo for his DA Kiwi Avatar link is: :iconrgus:

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Tyson87 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013
She doesn't look so scary.
maferforever Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
I like this!
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