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'Mixed Match Boxing: Knockout’. By: Jon. This is the title I gave it and I think the artist created a great POV (Point Of View) of mixed match boxing whereby the outcome has been decided. While at times I may modify or change this artist’s titles, and this is one of those times because he didn't include a title when he sent it to me, I will not modify nor change my admiration of his artistic genius. About a year ago a very talented artist left Deviant Art, for a variety of reasons, none of which I need go into. While he still had a DA Site which he called: ‘juxvma542’, from it (with his written e-mail permission) I had uploaded a number of his renderings under the auspices of my ‘Masterpieces By Others’ series. The following writeup was included when I uploaded one of his pictures.
“I have started a new series of renderings I consider ‘Masterpieces’ which are not part of my ‘Gallery Of Combative Women’. They will be uploaded one per week and the maximum by any one artist is going to be three. Or so I thought until Jon just added to his ‘DA’ Site a series of bare fisted mixed match renderings that are staggering in their visual and emotional impact. Therefore, Jon has made me break all the rules. Consequently, a fifth and final rendering has been added to this series by this artist, and here it is. Because I do not own these images, I have asked for, and received, e-mail written permission to display his or her works on my ‘DA’ Gallery Site. In my opinion a work of art that I would classify as a ‘Masterpiece’ doesn’t have to depict an ‘Epic Scene’. Although, most of the art works I commission are ‘in deed’ epics. A masterpiece can also depict a POV (point of view); or a profound emotion made visual; or a profound thought made visual; or an event with extreme consequences; or a critical decision about to be made, or just made. Or in this case another image by Jon which is quite different from my norm; and what I consider the norm is female versus female – Of which there are many who would not consider this normal at all. Bizarre would be a gentle word of what they would think. Anyway, I digress. I’m not that big into male versus female fighting, and this site, which is devoted to combative women, reflects that. However, this artist has altered my opinion of mixed matches by a combination of excellent renderings and rather erudite musings as well as superb visual/written descriptions. The reason I chose this second of the two mixed match renderings is again a personal one. As I said before, I’m rather opinionated, and it takes something like a smack on the side of my head with a baseball bat to get my attention. Sorta like how you get the attention of a jackass with a wood pole whammed on their snout. This rendering got my attention. And my opinion on the subject of mixed matches has changed considerably.”
‘Nuff said, Drew.

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arenafighter Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
Sexy,Tough,and Well Done! Thanks for Posting,Drew!
Commodianus Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010
Hate men abusing women. The women should hit each other. THAT I like! But very well done. My compliments!
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December 6, 2010
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