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‘PowerShot KO Punch: Trophy Wives Boxing Match’. Rendering by: femfiteart.

As of late, George, the artist, has been featuring arranged underground fights between ‘Trophy Wives’. The reason these battles are underground is because the women fight bare breasted, and no ‘State Athletic Commission’ is going to allow that to happen in a public arena. Not even Nevada won’t allow such matches in Las Vegas.

Contrary to popular perception, most of these serious underground ‘Fight To The Finish’ matches are not between glamour gals. They are usually between tough, battered, average (and at times below average in looks) women who are fighting strictly for money – Not for sport.
Here are some examples:

So what George is doing is showing the other half of the combative women spectrum – The glamour side of underground fights. However, the glamour is in the beautiful women, there is no glamour in the matches themselves; as they can be brutal, humiliating, and bloody affairs.
Now, do such underground arrangement take place? Occasionally yes. And it usually starts out as a lark between couples who know each other well; but when the final arrangements are agreed upon, everyone can see that this can be serious business. That is when the Greek word: ‘Hubris’ takes over. Remember, the Greeks are famous for writing ‘Greek Tragedies’, and those ancient plays hubris often plays a big part in such catastrophes. It means to be burdened with extreme pride or arrogance. In addition it can indicate a loss of contact with reality due to an overestimation of one's own competence, accomplishments or capabilities.
Or, neither side wants to ‘Lose Face’ by backing down.
And speaking of things Greek – How about those Ancient Greek Style leather leggings and sandals. In fact here is one viewer’s observation on the ‘DA Viewer’s Comments’ section about the footwear:

From: Gina44 - June 27, 2013: “Somehow I missed this :( I'm glad you don't put your girls in heels George.”

Reply from George: femfiteart -June 27, 2013: “Heels? Have no fear Gina, the broken ankle medical insurance is too prohibitive for that action! LOL Thanks :-)

Classic Punches And Poses: This series is dedicated to visually depicting all the classic punches, as well as the various classic victory and loss poses in the combative women realm. In addition, all of the accouterments related to female fighting such as boxing gloves, boxing rings, boxing trunks, and boxing shoes – Even mouthpieces.

The artist titled this superb picture: ‘Powershot’. And pictorially it certainly is.
Although this is a great descriptive title, I needed to have a title that would conform to this DA Folder’s genre of classic punches and poses, so I changed his title so radically that only the word ‘Powershot’ survived. By changing the title I was able to add to the render something more visually descriptive of what’s happing now. And that ‘Now’ is the end of this after hours boxing match in a boxing gym. I wonder if there was a Referee present to formalize the knockout by a ‘CountOut’.
Now, there are times when I’ll change one of George’s titles, and this is one of those times, but what I won’t change is my admiration of his artistic genius.
He uploaded this superb render onto his ‘DA Main Site on May 19, 2013, and here is the link to that upload: LINK:…

Moving on. One picture will be uploaded each day in the following sequence: Two colored (meaning the pictures, not the fighters), then one black and white (again, the picture, not the fighters), then two more colored, then one B &W, and so on. Eventually, this can become a rather thick pictorial folder. Needless to say, one could describe this folder as being orientated toward the: ‘Classics Of Fighting’.

The brilliance of this picture is it makes visual the term ‘Trophy Wife’ in the most stark, and brutal terms. In Latin the term is: ‘Tropaeum Uxor’, and means a ‘Trophy Woman’, which are female prisoners taken by Roman conquerors as the spoils of their defeated opponents. Thereby springs the cliché: ‘To the victor belong the spoils’.
Anyway, in American terms a trophy wife is a young beautiful woman who has married an older, successful man, who has the money to keep her satisfied via a lavish lifestyle. However, to keep her sexually and emotionally satisfied brings up the following caution. Which is a trophy symbolizes some sort of victory in an achievement, and if the man rests on those prior accomplishments for too long a time, he possibly could come home early one day and find out in his bedroom that his trophy wife does not consider him as her trophy.

Variations on a theme: At first glance one would think that there aren’t that many variations in the boxing genre of punches and poses. In the beginning (to be a bit biblical) that is what I thought too, and as such figured that this would be a small ‘Group Folder’. Wrong! So wrong. I’ve been uploading these images at the rate of one per day and hereon are listed the main titles so far. And growing:

Classic Punch; Classic Punches; Classic CounterPunch; Sex Punch; Sex Punches; Unfair Punch; Cliché Punch; Punching Uphill; Bolo Left Punch; Bolo Right Punch; Armpit Punch; Ribs Punch: Solar Plexus Punch; Navel Punch; Haymaker Punch; Classic KO; Punches Landing Simultaneously; Classic Belly Punch; Classic Breast Punch: Coup De Grace Punch; KO Punch; Pooch Punch; Almost There Punch; Didn’t See It Coming Punch; Retaliation Punch: Classic Right Cross Punch; Missed Target Punch: Classic Overhand Right Punch;
Kunt Punch; Classic Left Jab Punch; Floating Ribs Punch; Surprise Punch; Cunt Punch; Broken Nose Punch; Looping Left To The Cheek; Knocked CockEyed Punch;
Right Uppercut Punch; Broken Nose Punch; On The Belt Punch; Right On The Button Punch; PowerShot KO Punch

Classic Pose; Funny Pose; Defiant Pose; Ropes Pose; KO Pose; Fantasy Pose; Ring Pose; Classic Nude Pose; Bloody Pose; Sparring Pose; Clinch Pose; Historical Pose;
CatFight Pose; Revenge Pose; Corner Pose; FistFighters Pose; The Winner Pose; Cruel KO Pose; Trophy Pose; Dazed Pose; Fatigue Pose; Locker Room Pose; Private Fight Pose; Malevolent Pose; Grotesque Pose; Anticipation Pose; Kneed Pose; Knockdown Pose; Dropping To Canvas Pose; Kindness Pose; Touch Gloves Pose; MasterPiece POV Pose; Staggered Pose; Spraying Sweat Pose; Pain Pose; On The Ropes Pose; Against The Ropes Pose; KTFO Pose; Taking Advantage Of A Clinch Pose; FistFighter Triumph Pose; Juggernaut Pose; Taped Fists Pose; Tit To Tit Clinch Pose; The Joy Of Victory Pose; Dropped To The Knees Pose; KnockDown SpreadEagle Pose; Struggle To Rise Pose;
In The Beginning Pose; Tight Clinch Pose; Pounded To Her Knees Pose; Trapped In A Corner Pose; Backdown Pose; Classic Clinch Pose; Classic Loser's View Pose; CardGirl Pose; Classic Put Up Your Dukes Pose; Decision Time Pose; Painful Lesson Pose; Struggle To Rise – Rope Pose; Double Missed Punches Pose: Going Head To Head Pose;
Exaltation Pose; Classic On The Ropes Pose; Flash Knockdown Pose; Cornered Pose: First Fight Jitters Pose; Timber Pose; Both Punches Landing On target Pose;
Classic Cornered Pose; Knocked Through The Ropes Pose; Straddling The Defeated Rival Pose; Close Quarters Pose; Two Swingers Pose; KatFight Pose; Classic Exhausted Pose; Waiting For The Referee’s Countup Pose; Broken Nose Punch; Kicking Her Ass – Literally Pose; Flat On Her Back Pose; What’s Waiting For You Pose; Neutral Corner Pose; Result Of UpperCut Pose; Advancing Toward The Unknown Pose; Slipping A Punch Pose; Waiting For The Next Round Pose; End Of Round Walkaway Pose; A Repose Pose; Ringsider’s View Pose; Pathos Pose; Trading Blows Pose; A KO Is A Lonely Loss Pose; Viewing The Superior Woman Pose; Looking For A Way Out Pose

Classic Left Jab; Classic Right Jab; Classic Left Hook; Classic Right Hook Punch; Classic Right UpperCut Punch; Classic Left UpperCut Punch; Jawbreaker Punch; Classic Kidney Punch; Classic Straight Left Punch; Classic Straight Right; Uppercut To Body; Classic Pooch Punch; Classic Tit Punch; Missed Left Punch; The Be-All End-All Punch; BareFisted Kidney Punch; Womb Punch; Designer Gloves Fistfighter Punch; One Punch Too Many; Heading Toward The Rafters Punch; Deformed Face Punch; Classic RoundHouse Right KO Punch; Facial Distortion Punch; Right Hook To Left Tit Punch; Hard Fist Sinking Into Soft Belly Punch; Knocked Into Oblivion Punch; Penultimate Punch; Punching Bag Punch; Box Lunch Punch; Over And Out Punch; Moment Of Impact Punch; Classic Cunt Punch; Threading The Needle Punch; RoundHouse Left To The Head Punch;
Attacking Her Sex Punch; Left Hook To The Face Punch; Rib Breaker Punch; Right To The Jaw Punch; Eviscerating Fight Ender Punch; Classic Left To The Pubes Punch;
Agonal Punch

Boxing MasterPiece; FistFight MasterPiece; Knocked Out MouthPiece; Defeat Most Total; Victory Most Total; Pyrrhic Victory Pose; Canvas BeatDown; Face Damage;
Street Boxing Pose; Irresponsible Referee Pose; Naked KO Pose; Disqualification Pose; What Happened Pose; Cornered Pose; A Good Licking; Out On Her Feet Pose;
Barely Hanging On Pose; Defeat Is Lonely Pose; Hanging On The Ropes Pose; BareHug Pose; Punching Air Pose; Shared Pain Pose; Flying Mouthpiece; Classic AUFD Pose;
MILF KnockOut Pose; Champion On Her Throne Pose; Suspended By Ropes Pose; Displaying KO Triumph Pose; Every Man’s Fantasy Opponent Pose; KO Trauma Twitch Pose; Lingerie Boxing Pose; The Mona Lisa Smile Pose; Knuckle Busting Fistfight Pose; The No Mas TurnAway Pose; Coup De Grâce Blow Pose; 1940’s Female Boxing Outfit Pose; Supplication Pose; FistFighting Wives Pose; First Fight Pose; Worm’s Eye View Pose; Alone In Her Thought’s Pose; Combination Blows Pose;
Tough Competitors – Still Good Friends Pose; Unfit Boxer Pose; Hidden Thoughts Pose; Rage Pose; Slap Can Be Worse Than A Punch Pose; Between Rounds Frustration Pose; Intentional Wardrobe Malfunction Pose; In Repose Pose; The Pure Joy Of Triumph Pose; Catfight Clinch Pose; Belle Saved By The Bell Pose; Double Whammy Pose; Alone In Her Defeat Pose; All The World’s A Boxing Stage Pose; Shit Happens Pose; When Push Comes To Shove Pose; The Uncouth Female Sport Pose; Squeezing Her Breast Pose; Fierce Determination Pose; Backside Anticipation Pose; Shoving Match Pose; Going Hard At Each Other Pose; Nonplussed Pose; Déjà Vu Frustration Pose; Setup For The KO Pose; Surveying Her Handiwork Pose; A Pressing Of The Flesh Pose; Topsy-Turvy Pose; Mooning Pose; Losing Focus Pose; Ropes – Her Only Visible Means Of Support Pose

‘PowerShot KO Punch: Trophy Wives Boxing Match’: So what’s going on. Plenty right now, but in a few seconds it will be finished. Here is what George, the artist, had to say in his ‘DA Artist’s Comments Section’:

Title: ‘Powershot’: “Nite nite ...”

That’s it? Well, thanks George, that explains everything.
And yet in those two words it does. With that roundhouse left to the jaw this match is over. Her legs are buckling as she is heading for the canvas. In boxing terms ‘Nite Night’ (I’m using the alternative spelling) means it’s night time as the fighter is asleep. But it is not a healthy sleep, because the boxer has been rendered unconscious; and in its purest meaning of the term: ‘KnockOut’, it means the opponent is flat on the canvas, oblivious to her surroundings or situation.
That pretty much wraps it up, concerning this underground fight to the finish boxing match between two ‘Trophy Wives’ which was held in a boxing gym’s boxing ring - An after hours affair.
Except to speculate about how all this came to be. I suspect that both husband/wife couples know each other, and at a cocktail party a few nights ago they had too many martinis between the four of them. The conversation drifted into the ‘What If’ realm, and eventually resulted in a stupid drunken challenge of who was ‘The Better Woman’. It seems that question has just been answered by the winners’ left glove driving the point home. And in the doing, drive her trophy wife rival to the boxing gym’s boxing ring’s canvas, this in order for both husbands to view her short snooze lasting about ten seconds -Then out come the smelling salts.

George, creates combative women art that has ‘Substance’. There is no one better than he who can visually portray the hard bitter ‘Truth’ of female fighting. The various kinds can be tough, brutal, painful, humiliating, often bloody, sport, or business – Be it either fought aboveground or underground.
In both his regular and experimental renders, this artist has introduced a certain new ‘Style’ in the realm of combative women. Make no mistake; although this work of art has style, this is no ‘Fluff Piece’ of artwork. It is serious, as George says: ‘Stuff’. And is as hard hitting (pun intended) as any of his previous pictures.

To conclude, I believe the stark genius of George’s art is he creates full bodied women who are WOMEN. No anorexic stick models from him. These are voluptuous female fighters who are built to take a lot of hard punches to their bodies, and keep on fighting.

Finally, I sent the following via ‘DA Notes’ to femfiteart: “George, as you know I have this Group folder called 'Classic Punches And Poses'. I'd like to upload some of your superb renders to this folder and do a writeup on each one. Per DA censor regulations, I need your written ‘DA Notes' to do so. Drew”.

To which he replied, “Hiya Drew. Please do begin posting my pictures as per your note. I think it's a great idea. Thanks ... George.”

‘Nuff said, Drew.
Except to add here is his ‘DA Main Site’ which he calls: ‘femfiteart’. The link:
In addition, here is his DA 'femfiteart’ Site avatar logo link: :iconfemfiteart:
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Phaedra81 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015
Nawww! :( 
Fightfreak Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
I'd love to see an entire gallery devoted to these trophy wives' catfights Drew! Any chance of that happening? With lots of cunt kicks too by the way!
drewhammond Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
Fightfreak Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
Can't thank you enough Drew! What a tremendous gallery! Fabulous, erotic art!
drewhammond Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
Thank you very much.  Glad you enjoy it.  Here is a link to my DA Group: LINK:
ILOVEBRUTALITY Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Love the Trophy wives fights, would love to watch one.  Nice artwork. 
jrp47 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
Trophy  wives  can mean many things, for a redneck a trophy wife could go bear hunting with a switch. these are not trophy wives. Yes she's ko'd  A redneck would bring her around and let her fight. Let's see some lumps.
drewhammond Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
There are no rednecks who are members of DA, so they can't relate to your comments.  Myself, I'm a 'Good Olde Boy', who just fell off the turnip truck.  Drew.     
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