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‘Sleeper Hold KnockOut’. Rendering by: hqadd
I recently received the following request in my Main DA Site ‘Notes’ section.

“Drew, I always loved the way you write about other artist's works. Taking the risk of being considered too pushy (and in fact being so), is it possible that you do it with one of my pieces? Must it be an unedited one? Or can it be with one already posted in my gallery? I intend to offer you a new one –A three panel ‘Tombstone Piledriver’ sequence. But right now, I have a commission and some requests, so it will take some time till I can finish it. So, is it possible to ask what I must do to have the honor of seeing one of my works commented upon and posted in your DA page. Lopo.”

After reading that astonishing ‘Note’ I went over to Lopo’s DA Site and reviewed his entire collection. His artistic style sent my memory back to the time I was attending the University of Hawaii, and majoring in ‘Hotel Management’. During summer break, I had flown over to L.A. to visit a good friend I had met at U of H, but who had recently transferred to Cal. State L.A. He knew I loved art in all its forms so we wandered over to the ‘UCLA Sculpture garden’ and that is when I first viewed up close (touching close – which I did) an original bronze masterwork by Gaston Lachaise titled: ‘Standing Woman’. Gaston did a number of astonishing sculptures, but this is his greatest which he completed in 1932. He lived from March 19, 1882 to October 18, 1935, was born in France, but met and fell in love with an American woman and moved to the U.S. So he became an American sculptor of French birth, and is most noted for his voluptuous female nudes.
At that instant, I made up my mind to attend UCLA, which I did and graduated with a B.S. degree (most appropriate for a future writer - considering what BS also stands for) but then it was in Business Administration. So when I saw Lopo’s works I thought, ‘Ah, here is the continuation of Lachaise’s work, not in bronze, but in picture form – But continuing the theme of voluptuous women nevertheless. Good for him in particular, and good for the art world in general.’

Anyway, I wrote back to him via DA ‘Notes’: “Lopo, I am very honored that you want me to do an extensive writeup of one of your previous works or a future one. However, I must decline at present. You are a great talent and have a unique style, however I am very pressed for time and as such wouldn’t give a proper review of your extraordinary talent its proper justice. To repeat, I am honored you ask, but I just can't right now. Drew.”

That was then and this is now, and now I want to say of all of the works by hqadd, this is my favorite. There is this old Jewish saying, ‘Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it.’ Well, Lopo wished, and now has got it. And what has he got. For starters I modified his title. He had K.O. in it and I changed it to the full spelling ‘KnockOut’. I must say that although I’ll modify his title, I won’t modify my admiration of his extraordinary artistic talent. Be that as it may, I then used my computer to ‘enhance’ his coloration. On this I plead artistic license. What I did was brighten the soft, (almost pastel) coloration to generate brighter reds and greens. How dare I mess with an original. Simply because this is a violent picture, and the colors were too gentle for such a brutal wrestling match – Especially such a dangerous hold as a ‘Sleeper Hold’. And then to be concluded by rendering the opponent unconscious – Via, as the artist would say: "K.O." Anyway, that was my take on things.

The following is the ‘Artist’s Comments’ on this render: “This drawing was made based on a photo from a catfight yahoo group.” Well, there is an artist of few words.

‘Nuff Said, Drew.
Except to add, that his DA Site is at the following link: [link]
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markleilani Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011
He has a few fantastic sleeper / rear naked choke works and this is my favourite. The aggressor has locked in the hold perfectly; her expression (stern, mean, business-like) is brilliant. I also like how the woman being choked is clearly out as her arms hang limply.
drewhammond Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2011
You got that right. As I stated before, this is my favorite. Drew.
Donnersberg Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
I only can me affiliate to markleilani here
gotmilknot Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011
Fantastic muscle definition, just really some of the best I have seen, Great hold she has her rival in.
drewhammond Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011
Yeah,he is really great in depicting muscle definition. Drew.
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August 14, 2011
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