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Of the following ten types of combative women, which do you like the most. Vote for one: 

190 deviants said CUTE-Sweet Face, Short, Medium Chest, Trim Figure, Tight Butt:

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Archival:Gina Vs Diane II-Redux by drewhammond
Update:  The picture to the left has a new title and writeup:  'Avatar -100 Greatest Female Fight Pictures.  The original writeup and title still are current with the initial upload: 'Stag At Sharkey's - Redux'.  The following is the writeup for the comments section of a rendering that was uploaded on July 5th, 2009.
‘Stag At Sharkey’s – Redux’.  This is a stunning masterpiece of female combative art, and in my opinion sets such a standard that there may be other’s that perhaps may be its equal, but none that can surpass such a creation.  It has taken almost a year from start to finish to complete this rendering, and it was worth the wait.  It was done by a French artist who goes by the name of MikeG, or as he signs off his latest e-mail to me incorporating my latest tweaks:  Mike.  The framed 4 feet x 3 ½ feet rendering on artists canvas hangs on my house wall.  Redux is from the Latin word ‘reducere’ (bring back) and in English means: ‘brought back, restored’.   In this case the inspiration for this work was another masterpiece painted by the American George Bellows in 1907 titled: ‘Stag At Sharkey’s’.  The same pose, and are you ready for this, the same fight outfits with the same colors, of those two male boxers are hereby brought forward into the 21st Century and updated to a modern boxing ring, with two female boxers in their stead.  And the referee has also been changed to a woman.  After all, this is the era of equal opportunities.  And that is as it should be.  To reiterate, our intent was to try and be faithful to both the pose and spirit of the Bellows work. We have updated the changing American mores by substituting women boxers for men fighters, and yet clothed them exactly as the men depicted in the ring. Concerning the referee, we have evoked a bit of artistic license. As a favor I ask each one of you to please Google: George Bellows 'Stag at Sharkey's' to view the comparison.


Drew Hammond
United States
Eating Leather Too’, by Gavin Michelli. What we have here is a major masterwork by a major talent. This is a case whereby art begets art. The model for this rendering was an illustration done years ago by another major talent by the name of Robert A. Moody, who went by: RAM. However, that is what he went by in his early period. Later, when he changed is illustrative style he went by: Rumbler. And that is the name he used when he did the illustration that inspired this painting to be created. I’ll upload the Rumbler work next week. Gavin did an earlier work for me titled: Eating Leather’. Now it becomes clear of how the current title evolved. The college English Majors will immediately pick up on the fact that ‘Too’ should be ‘Two’, since it’s the second picture with the same theme. Well, I’m invoking poetic license here by using: ‘Too’. The original of his work, which is framed and hanging on a wall in my house, measures 2 1/2 feet wide by 2 feet high. From the start the artist and I worked to make this a major work, and one way is to have a ringside crowd watching the action. The previous work he did for me was intended to be more intimate, and as such, smaller; with no crowd. The following was written about the previous work, but much of it is apropos as relates to this one:
“The title is: ‘Eating Leather’, and was created by Gavin Michelli. What we have here is a minor masterpiece by a major talent. Minor, as differentiated from some of the epic masterworks I’ve uploaded onto the ‘DA’ Site. It measures 2 feet x 2 feet square – Not the big 3 footers of the epics. As any woman will lie, size doesn’t matter, and in this case it doesn’t. What does matter is compacted in this tight rendering, and visually rings true about the bloody brutality of female boxing, mixed in with tongue-in-cheek humor (look at the snarl on the Blonde’s face); over-the-top sexuality (forget the bare breasts – look at the excited clits that are outlined in the boxing trunks); great attention to detail (the stitching and laces on the boxing gloves); dramatic POV (Point Of View) of not one, but two boxing gloves heading toward the viewer’s face; and finally the bold colors. I commissioned Gavin to make visual what was in my mind’s eye and he did it magnificently. Needless to say he does commissions and is a joy to work with. His patience is boundless, which has to be, working with me. I’ve never had an artist work for me, I have always tried to have them work with me. This rendering is a perfect example.”
As I said, Gavin does commissions. His Deviant Art Site is: gavinslayer.
Well, ‘Nuff said. So I hope that you ‘Too’ will enjoy this remarkable work. I have. And do. Drew. His Link:

Current Residence: L.A. California & Lihue Kauai Hawaii
Print preference: The King's English Language
Favourite genre of music: Classical & R&R & Jazz - Hate Rap
Favourite photographer: Me
Favourite style of art: Renaissance & Classic & Romantic & Modern
Operating System: My Negress Girlfriend
Shell of choice: Fiberglass - 2001 6 Speed Stick 350 HP Corvette
Wallpaper of choice: Corvette Yellow
Skin of choice: Negress
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: I March To A Different Drummer


Archive:Angel Of Bondage-Color Illustration-Redux

‘Archive: Angel Of Bondage – Colored Illustration – Redux’.  Illustration by: Leandro Franca.

Wow Fella (Smileys) by Ehsartem

The following are from Leandro’s DA ‘Artists Comments’ section about this picture that he uploaded on his website on January 21, 2014:

Title: ‘Commission Angel Of Bondage Color’.  “This is my entry to the ‘The La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant - The First Category’.
You can see it on the page of the blog bellow with the others artists stuff:…@
This was made some mouths ago with the other 4, but I have to keep in secret till the time of the Contestant.”

On a Monday, January 6, 2014 the blog contest reopened with:

‘The La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant - The Third Category – 2’.

This blog had a running commentary between two judges, Mac and Meg, who were judging the quality of each of the entries of the contest.  When this colored illustration appeared by Leandro the following comments were made:

Mac:  "Oh my word!  It appears that Dorothea Cerviel has presented us with a very different avenging angel tonight!  I wouldn't want to get between her and any sinners."

Meg: "The 'mistress spurned' look – Always a favorite in fetish circles – What an amazing amount of work she put into that ensemble."

The ‘She’ that Meg is referring to is: ‘Dorothea Cerviel’, which is the made up name that Leandro used when he submitted his illustrated entries into this blog contest. 

So much for the comments by Mac and Meg.  The following are from DA viewers who appreciated both the time required to do the detail in the initial inked illustration, and then going back and coloring the black and white original.  These are from his ‘DA Viewers Comments’ section:

From:  FLCLRVDFan – January 28, 2014:  “Angel of Bondage, eh?  I'd like to see her in bondage ;) .”

From:  Egoak – February 18, 2014:  “That's pretty awesome.
Great work with the colour of her catsuit :clap:  ,”

Reply by: Quarhog – January 13, 2016:  “...and the colour of her eyes!!”

From:  queenmotherbug – March 13, 2014: “Very sexy!  ;-) 
I'm glad to see that she's not IN bondage, but looks ready to entrap someone else.”

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful colored illustrations I have ever witnessed. The level of inked detail is astonishing. 

The reason I have ‘Redux’ in the title is because the artist went back to his original inked illustration, and then colored it to create this gorgeous colored render.
‘Redux’ is from the Latin word, ‘reducere’ which is ‘returning’, or to ‘lead back’.  As such Leandro did a re-do of the initial picture and created a colored one.
This is the visual link of the initial black and white inked illustration, which I titled: ‘Archive: Angel Of Bondage – Inked Illustration’:  LINK:

Archive:Angel Of Bondage-Inked Illustration by drewhammond

In the beginning, to be a bit biblical, we have to start with the original inked illustration.  Here is the background of this initial picture:
This is the first pass at a picture that Leandro created to be entered in a contest held in a website blog called: ‘The Transformation Repository’.  This website periodically conducts a contest whereby various artists submit a work of art relating to a specific subject.  The subject in this case is a: ‘Fashion Pageant’.
The following is their Mission Statement (So to speak), of what they were trying to accomplish:

‘Today we begin - in conjunction with the Transformation Repository - the La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant.’
Then the commentator continued – As quoted:

“As I've said before, the boutique caters to all shapes and sizes.  Any style of clothing you're looking for can be accommodated.  However, sometimes it's just necessary to get a little more visibility on your merchandise - and what better way than a fashion show.”

The first part called ‘The First Category’, started on: Sunday, December 1, 2013.
But Leandro didn’t submit it at that time.
He later colored the inked picture and submitted it for ‘The Third Category’ which was held on Monday, January 6, 2014.  The colored one was accepted for that category.
I will upload, with a writeup of the colored one, soon.

The following are his ‘DA Artist’s Comments’ on this black and white picture when he uploaded it onto his DA Main Site on June 14, 2013.

Title:  ‘Commission Angel Of Bondage’:  “This is my entry to the "The La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant - The First Category.
I have to draw by hand every each lines of the Fur, this really makes my right hand pain a little. I don´t know how many I drew but It was a lot. I thought that using a brush would not give the look that I wanted. I wanted to draw a heavy coat, but I thought it will would not get the movement look if make it.
Commission Angel Of Bondage.
Stardate: 06142013; Starship: Photoshop CS5.
Phaser: Bamboo Create 670.
StarPosition: Brasil (Where the government spend billions building Stadiums for the Cup and forget about the health and hospitals for the people).”

Applaud fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem

There are DA viewers who appreciate the time required to do such detailed pictures, and in his ‘DA Viewers Comments’ section here are some of the exchanges:

From:  lilyah94 – June 14, 2013:  “Phenomenal Wow!”

From:  Quel2many – June 14, 2013:  “I’m happy you put in the time and pain, it was worth the effort/”

From:  BossBattle – June 6, 2013:  “This must have been even harder work than your Angels Wish picture, but well worth it IMO. A beautiful picture.”

Reply from: leandro-sf – June 16, 2013:  “Let just say it get I little bit more complicated because I put wings on her too. My story will be about angel.  I think I am going to pay someone to draw the wings.”

As I mentioned previously:  “I will upload, with a writeup of the colored one, soon.”

Well, ‘Soon’ has arrived, and here is the colored one with an accompanying writeup.

This is another addition to the archive section I created for the best works of the illustrator: Leandro Franca.
What he specializes in are fights to the death, but at times will do other creations that are not terminal. However, this is one of those exceptions – As this render is quite lovely.

Leandro titled this colored illustration: ‘Commission Angel Of Bondage Color’.
Now, there are times when I’ll modify or change one of this artist’s titles, and this is one of those times. In order for it to become included in my DA archive folder of his works, I had to modify his title to make it more descriptive.  It is now retitled: ‘Archive: Angel Of Bondage – Colored Illustration – Redux’.
Here is my reasoning concerning this modification.
Starting with: Avatar’, because that is what it has become.
Next is removing the word: ‘Commission’.  The black and white version started out as an entry to a contest, but eventually wasn’t entered.  After that the colored one was entered, but by then the word: ‘Commission’ was moot.
After that a portion of his original title: ‘Angel Of Bondage’.  Which she certainly is.
Followed by: ‘Colored Illustration’, which it has become.
Concluding with: ‘Redux’.  As mentioned before, redux is to return to an original picture and do a re-do of it.  Which he did by coloring it.
Although I modified this artist’s title, what I won’t modify is my admiration of Leandro’s artistic genius.
And that is all I'm going to say on this subject at this time. 

Moving on:
Here is the visual link to the avatar in my DA Main Site (drewhammond) folder, which will hold the illustrations of Leandro Franca, whom I consider one of the finest illustrators of combative women in all of Deviant Art.  I’ve titled it: ‘Avatar: The Best Of Leandro Franca DA Folder': LINK:  

Avatar:The Best Of Leandro Franca DA Folder by drewhammond
How many will be added to this collection of ‘The Best Of Leandro Franca’, I just don't know.  However, as time goes by there will be additional masterpieces that he has, and will create, which are timeless in their quality, and as such will eventually be introduced into this DA folder.

As concerns great art, I have concerns.  By that I mean I'm concerned about lost art.  The most horrific of lost art is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci titled: 'Leda And The Swan'.
The last time the original was seen is when Cassiano dal Pozzo viewed it at the French royal Château de Fontainebleau in 1625, and recorded the condition as follows:

‘A standing figure of Leda almost entirely naked, with the swan at her side and two eggs, from whose broken shells come forth four babies.  This work, although somewhat dry in style, is exquisitely finished, especially in the woman's breast; and for the rest of the landscape and the plant life are rendered with the greatest diligence. Unfortunately the picture is in a bad state because it is done on three long panels which have split apart and broken off a certain amount of paint.’
Because of its deteriorating conditions it was probably deliberately destroyed.

Think about it, an original da Vinci painting is now lost and considered destroyed.
The question arises, of what did it look like?  The answer is we know.  Some of Leonardo’s pupils copied the original and it is believed that his best pupil, Francesco Melzi, who was also Leonardo’s studio assistant, completed the definitive copy of the original around 1515.  It is known as the ‘Spiridon Leda’ and is now in the Uffizi Art Museum in Florence, Italy.
Here is the visual link to that faithful copy by Francesco Melzi of the original da Vinci 'Leda And The Swan':  LINK: 

Great Art:Leda And The Swan by drewhammond

Now to the point.  There have been a number of DA artists who have had superb DA Main Sites, and populated those sites with astonishing renders.  And then the sites disappeared without warning, casting all of those magnificent renders into an electronic ash can.  I've done the best I can to resurrect a number of those great renders for the DA viewers.
You just don't know when something is going to happen to the artist, or their DA Site, and as such I have set up these folders featuring 'The Best Of XXXXXXX'.
And Leandro is one of those artists I'm concerned about - He lives in Brazil.  And at times it has been a nation in turmoil – A danger to all its citizens.

And speaking of danger - What Leandro specializes in is mortal danger: Which are black and white inked illustrations of women in fights to the death.  But at times he will make an exception and do other creations, which are equally superb in their detailed quality, and this is one of those exceptions.

Moving on yet again:
During November 1512 Michelangelo completed his frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, located in the Vatican in Rome.  There are many, including me, who consider this the greatest work of art in all of human history.  The centerpiece is the depiction of Yahweh reaching out with is hand and one extended finger giving ‘The Touch Of Life’ to Adam.

It was a commission.

Michelangelo was paid to paint it by Pope Julius II – ‘The Warrior Pope’.
A few months later, in February 1513, Julius died.  But by then ‘The Deed’ had been done, and paid for.

There is precedent concerning payment of money which results in immortal masterworks.

The Margrave of Brandenburg commissioned Johann Sebastian Bach to compose six concerti, which were completed in 1721.  They are known as the: ‘Brandenburg Concertos’, and every one of the six works set a musical precedent in its scoring that is both beloved, as well as unique to this day.  In addition, every one of these concertos still has remained without parallel in both artistic composition and brilliance in musical invention.

The essential point is it ofttimes takes a patron to pay an artist to do a work, and in the doing the result is we sometimes are blessed with a masterpiece.
One of those patrons on Deviant Art is an American collector who goes by: ‘Kent’, and has a DA Main Site he calls: ‘WarriorKnight’.
Here is the link to that site:  LINK:
And here is the logo of Kent’s site:  :iconwarriorknight:
He has a fine collection of renders which he calls: ‘Amazon Knights’.  Well worth a looksee.

When I wrote to him asking his permission for me to upload a number of illustrations by Leandro Franca that Kent had commissioned and now owns, he replied and said yes.  In that written reply he also shared the following with me:

“Drew, my initial and still favorite fantasy is ladies in medieval armor fighting to the death with all the weapons of close quarter armored medieval combat. Probably my favorite is to have the ladies fighting while mounted on medieval war horses. I think of my ladies as Amazon Knights.”

However, Kent's tastes in combative women are varied, and the following is a very public duel to the death with rapiers. Leandro put the same time and care into this intimate form of combat as he does with his epic 'Amazon Knights'.
And that is exactly what Kent paid for in this series of magnificent illustrations by Leandro, whose DA Main Site he calls: leandro-sf.

This is not to imply that what Leandro is creating is of Michelangelo proportions, but this guy is really talented, and Kent recognized it early on.  Later, so did I.
As can be seen in this work, his commitment to detail is astonishing.   

Now, I normally don’t feature fights to the death in this, my ‘DA Main Site: drewhammond’. They can be found in my ‘DA Group Site: CombativeWomen’, in the ‘Death Fights And Gladiatrix’ group folder.
Here is the visual link to the avatar of that DA Group folder: LINK:  

Avatar:Death Fights And Gladiatrix Folder-CW Group by drewhammond
However, this artist is so good that I make an exception from time to time. To that end, early on, I created an archive I called: ‘Darkest Fantasy Made Visual’.  It was a folder section here in my DA Site because this illustrator, Leandro, is good, really good. Superb comes to mind. This guy is beyond talented, even beyond great – He is a flat out force of artistic nature. He has been able to combine his technical skills with an emotional passion imbued into his various characters that is astonishing.
But, his artistic tastes are varied, and at times he does non-deadly works of art, of which this is one of them.  Anyway, here it is, now placed in the archive section which I titled: 'Darkest Fantasy Made Visual-By Leandro Franca'.

However, times change and so do I.  Especially when it comes to DA.  Therefore I have revised the ‘Darkest Fantasy Made Visual’ folder, and renamed it:  ‘The Best Of Leandro Franca DA Folder', which I now consider a more apropos title.  

Finally, some background on the artist. His name is Leandro França, and he resides in Brazil. He does commissions, either black and white or colored. In my opinion, and the opinion of many others, he is a superb illustrator and comes highly recommended. His commissions are done promptly, are of the highest quality, and done for a fair price.

To conclude:
There is an expression that I use a lot and it is: 'That Was then And This Is Now'.  And my 'Now' is as of late I've added a new folder to my DA Main Site and it is a collection of fights to the death.
I've titled it: 'Best Female Deathfights', and here is the visual link to the avatar of that folder:  LINK: 

Avatar:Best Female DeathFights Folder-DA Main Site by drewhammond

As I will admit, as stubborn as I am, there are times when I will see through a glass clearly and change my mind.  Not always for the better, but I try.

‘Nuff said,

Except to add, that his DA Site ‘leandro-sf’ is at this link: LINK:
Also, here is the logo of his DA ‘leandro-sf’ avatar link: :iconleandro-sf:

Setup For Her Money Shot:Female FistFighters

‘Setup For Her Money Shot: Female FistFighters’.  Render by:  ringhot.

‘It is a damned and a bloody work.
The graceless action of a heavy hand.’   Shakespeare:  ‘King John IV’.

Boxer fella (Sports) by Ehsartem

As per usual, Shakespeare got it right – And it will be ‘Bloody Work’, because that cocked left bare fist is about to swing around in a half roundhouse left, to be slammed onto the nose of a trapped immobile head. As the title says, it’s this fistfighter’s ‘Money Shot’.
In boxing terms a: ‘Money Shot’, or punch, is the blow that will put an opponent onto the canvas – To be counted out by the Referee.
However, in this case, this is a private bare knuckle fistfight boxing match held in a boxing gym and there’s no Referee.  It’s an after closing hours fistic battle held in the gym’s boxing ring.  The manager agreeing to let both female rivals privately go at each other in order to settle their differences in a way that could be deemed: Most Conclusive’.
They were so eager to ‘Get It On’, that they didn’t even take the time to remove their boots.
The manager is staying around to turn out the lights –Literally; and by knowing the rage both women feel about each other figures to observe one putting out the lights of the other – Figuratively. 

It didn’t happen that way.

Instead of the serene peace of a knockout to the jaw which will render an opponent unconscious, this fight ending punch would painfully break an opponent’s nose resulting in two things that the winner desired and planned to accomplish – Most cruelly.  A total defeat, that her rival would be fully conscious of – She now twisting about in bloody agony on the canvas floor.  And of even greater import, and cruelty – That of a disfigured face; her smashed nose bleeding profusely, and painfully.
But what is even worse – The next day.
The winner will savor in her imagination the humiliation that her rival will have to face the next day when she leaves a doctor’s office with her nose reset, replete with the twin black eyes that will make her once lovely face now look like a raccoon.
And all the days to follow.  What would seem to be the interminable time needed for the face to fully heal – If ever.

To conclude:
That Shakespearean graceless action of a fistic ‘Heavy Hand’, in this case a bare fist that ended this fight, was ‘In Deed’ bloody work.
You’d think that the artist, Max Posen, was thinking of ‘King John IV’ when he created this stunning picture.  And in his imagination, as well as the viewer, will be the especially stunning pain that will be suffered by the soon to be loser, as she first drops to her knees, covering her busted nose with both hands, then toppling forward – Her body whamming onto the boxing ring’s canvas floor.

Shown her is a vision of the full weight of their voluptuous bodies and the magnitude of their actions.
And as per usual, Max also got it right.  We in DA are inundated with stick model fighters barely out of their teens.  Most are cut out of the same cookie cutter software molds that the programmers feel are most commercially appealing and will sell well – And they are right.
Then comes along an artist who is determined to show how it really is – Depicting real women in their mid-30’s and early 40’s, when time, calories, and gravity start to take their toll.

So what’s going on here?  Methinks both of these women were completive, perhaps even combative, women while in college, and at the time in excellent mental and physical shape.  Years later, many years later, these two have a serious beef with each other, and what it is has become is rather moot.  What is important is they have mutually decided to settle their dispute via a painful physical encounter – Try fistic.  And they both should know better considering their age and declining physique.
Upon reflection, I believe what is at stake here is greater than settling old scores or righting personal wrongs.  Or establishing who is the ‘Alpha Woman’.  I believe it is a man – Try thinking: Husband.  Because when women arrive at that 10 year range of mid 30s to mid 40s, they had better have a man – For keeps.  One to look after them in their declining years, because there is a whole new generation of firm flesh female something 20s who are closing in behind them.

By now, each of them will have accumulated some money, but it would be a pittance in relation to the physical and emotional catastrophe that they would have to endure if one of them lost their husband to a female interloper.  The calamity of one losing her man, in contrast to the joy of the other winning that man could drive both women to not linger in uncertainty, but instead to bring everything to a final conclusion.  And there is nothing more conclusive than to agree to fight it out with fists in order to settle the issue. 

Well, there is another way for a definite conclusion, and it is via a duel with rapiers or pistols.  However, modern society frowns upon such mortal silliness, and enforces by statue such preventive acts by declaring anyone who participates in such stupidity will be subject to an act of murder.  Notwithstanding that both participants agreed in advance to such a deadly ordeal.

That avenue of conclusion already closed by harsh legal regulation, they probably would have mutually agreed to arrange to rent and then meet in a boxing gym after closing hours and in a private ‘Fight To The Finish’ battle.  Each willing to slug it out until one is standing.  No Referee need apply to this ‘Winner take All’ fistfight – It being both figuratively and literally ‘Winner Takes Man’.  It may be a current husband of one of them.  Now it gets down to one keeping him or losing him.
Ah, the male fantasy.  For a number of women as well. 

Previous to all this, one or both were faced with the most hated word in the English language, and it is specifically a male oriented word and is called: ‘Cuckold’.  Bluntly stated and even more devastating in its implications is a husband’s wife is being fucked by another man.  The implications are of course the wife’s lover is sexually better than the husband, and in turn the better man.  The humiliation and rage can be so intense that it often results in murder – Sometimes the multiple kind.

The female equivalent of some woman fucking a wife’s husband is called: ‘Cuckquean’.  Although the word in not used that much, nor even generally known, its implications, be they to a husband, or wife, can be equally devastating.
Though either woman may not be familiar with the word: cuckquean, per se, they may be intimately familiar with its steamy participants.  And as such, to revert back to duels held centuries ago, each party demands what was euphemistically called: ‘Satisfaction’ from the other.  Meaning a challenge most deadly.

As an aside, the question arises of what is the ultimate test of a woman’s courage, spirit, body, and endurance?  In a word: War.  And boxing, be it with bare fists or gloves, is fistic war – Almost to ‘In Extremus’.  Actual warfare is both figuratively and literally: ‘At the point of death’, and from the Latin literally means: ‘In the farthest reaches.’

Our current civilization has modified this form of fistic war into a sport.  And ‘Aboveground’ has rules and ‘Belowground’ has none, with ‘Underground’ somewhere in between – Rule wise that is.
But this sport always takes place in some form of ‘Battleground’.  And in the ‘Background’ always lurks that ultimate price of warfare the: Spectre Of Death’.
Boxing is a dangerous sport, be it with fists that are bare, or encased in gloves, and the ghost of death is always near.  In fact I had an artist friend of mine make visual that ghost. Here is the visual link to that picture I titled: ‘Ghost Of Death - Always Near’. Rendering by: MkG2k7: LINK: 

Ghost Of Death-Always Near by drewhammond

The end result is these women become fistic warriors, and are willing to take a chance on propelling themselves ever forward in order to emerge victorious in this one on one war.  Knowing full well the fickle compass of fortune, or luck, or whatever, can swing against them and the painful consequences would result in their becoming severely battered about the face and body, bloodied, bruised, ultimately beaten into unconsciousness.  Conscripts who are joined in ferocious battles with outcomes that can end badly as they become casualties of war.

Moving on:
Here is what the artist had to say about this picture.  The following is from Max’s ‘DA Artists Comments’ section about this render when he uploaded it on April 17, 2015:

Title:  ‘Money Shot’:  “Marge Prepares Her Money Shot.”

Thanks, Max, that tells us everything.
Now there is a man of few words.  Especially rare for an artist.
And yet, upon reflection, it does say a lot – Pictorially that is.  So what else need to be said.  It is visually obvious that this is a serious female fistfight that is about to come to a brutal conclusion.  No descriptive words need be added, and I’ll leave it at that.

Or so I thought at the time.

A sad update: Later, when I returned to the ‘Ringhot’ website in order to do a complete writeup of this specific picture it was gone.  Everything had disappeared.
It seems that the ‘ringhot’ DA Main Site webpage is no more.  Simply, as well as horribly stated, the owner of the website decided to remove it, himself, and all his work from Deviant Art.
Upon reflection, it could either be the artist, Max Posen, or the Deviant Art Censors who have closed it down.  The horror is all of those stunning (literally and figuratively) renders are no more.  However, a few have been preserved for the DA viewers because there are three images of his that I was able to upload and include writeups. 

Here is the visual link to the first one I titled: ‘Avatar: Cunt Maulings Folder – CombativeWomen DA Group’: LINK: 

Avatar:Cunt Maulings Folder-Combative Women Group by drewhammond

And here is the visual link to the second one I titled: ‘Straight Right To Jaw KO Punch: Women FistFighters’: LINK:  

Straight Right To Jaw KO Punch:Women FistFighters by drewhammond

A third one I titled: ‘Trapped In A Corner Pose: No Escape From A KO Punch’.
Here is the visual link to that one:  LINK:

Trapped In A Corner Pose:No Escape From A KO Punch by drewhammond

The following is what I wrote in the artist’s ‘DA Viewers Comments’ section when I saw this superb piece of artwork. 

From:  drewhammond – April 22, 2015:  “This is a 'OMG' (Oh My God) POV of the rage one mid to late  30's female rival feels about another mid to late 30’s usurper.  It's got to be a private fight in a boxing gym to settle some long standing scores.    But this is not a sporting match, and one of the women doesn't look upon the other as a worthy opponent, instead a rival she is hell bent – Literally, to destroy.  And is just about to do so.  First class work of art.  Drew.”

Applaud fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem

Reply from: ringhot – April 26, 2015:  “Thanks so much!!!!!”

His last words – So to speak. 

Fortunately I stored a total of six of his images in my pictures folder, four have been uploaded and over time I will release the other two with an accompanied writeup.
So if there are any DA Viewers out there who have saved one or more of this artist’s renders in their picture folders, please contact me and we’ll work out an arrangement for a transfer.
Long ago I obtained written permission (Via DA ‘Notes’) from Max to upload his works on my DA Sites, so don’t worry about copyrights.

Now to the current picture at the top of this writeup:
Max uploaded this render on his DA Main Site and titled this stunning work: ‘Money Shot’.  However, I needed to have a title that would conform to this DA Folder’s 'Featured' section and make it more informative.  So I changed his title to: ‘Setup For Her Money Shot: Female FistFighters'. 
Here is the reasoning for this change:
Starting with what is going on:  'Setup For Her Money Shot'.
Concluding with who they are: 'Female FistFighters'.
Now, there are times when I’ll change this artist’s titles, and this is one of those times. What I won’t change is my admiration of Max’s artistic genius.

So what’s going on here?  Plenty, but not for much longer.  The physical carnage to both women is about over.  What Max has attempted to do, and succeeded, is show the other half of the combative women spectrum – The unglamorous side of underground fights.  And in this stunning work of art he has succeeded in making visual the grim truth that there is no glamour in the matches themselves; as they can be brutal, humiliating, painful, and sometimes bloody affairs.

Moving on yet again:
There is precedent in this loss of great artwork here on DA.  And there is precedent in the resurrection of such loss.

One such case is an artist from Argentina who identified himself as: ‘Richard57’.  When his site was closed down all of his superb artwork was lost – Sorta.  By sorta, I and a good friend of mine, Ed Hunter, who is in the combative women business in a big way (STJ), found a way to track down and obtain the rights to these lost pictures.  Here is the visual link to the avatar, which I titled: 'Avatar: Best Of Richard57 – DA Main Folder Archive’, of the folder which holds over 100 of Richard’s brilliant artworks:  LINK: 

Avatar:Best Of Richard57-DA Main Folder Archive by drewhammond 

Now to other matters:
Unknown to the general public, there are a number of various types of underground fights that go on all the time – Worldwide.  The stark fact is this.  There are a lot of people who have a lot of money who want to see brutal ‘Fights To The Finish’ knockouts between semi-naked women boxers – Be they with gloves or barefisted.
And to that end, all over the globe there will be those who are known as the: ‘Big Money’.  And they have the financial means to rent a small basement underground ‘Fight Space’, or ‘Steel Cage Space’, in order to feature: 'Wife Fights', or ‘Topless Boxing Matches’, or ‘Bare Fisted Punchouts’; and the list goes on into the wrestling genre.  They are all 'Prize Fights', but a lot of the wives and regular boxers do it for the sport of it, while others are forced to do it for the money.  As they keep winning more fights, the prize money to the winner gets bigger.  The whole economic range of wives and underground fighters are represented in the matchups.  From the one extreme of abandoned wives with hungry children; next to working class secretaries and nurses; followed by trophy wives who are dependent on their wealthy husbands to maintain them in luxury; all the way to the other extreme of older women who are financially independent and fight for the pure sport of it.  The ‘Cougars’. 

As these who are ‘Trophy Wives’ get older, they are often figuratively looking over their shoulder at the ‘Sweet Young Things’ who are interfacing with their husbands in the workplace.  When they hit 40, their children are grown and in college, and that is when she starts wondering if she still 'Has It'.  Of greater import, so is the husband who is thinking the same thing about her.  That concern is what will drive her to again return to a boxing gym and go into serious training.  As such it could be looked upon that she came out of an earlier retirement in order to fight to keep her man – Again.

And that is the decision which this woman has made.  She went into serious training at a boxing gym.  She wants to prove to her loving husband that she still: 'Has It'.  And the ‘Other Woman’ doesn’t. 

To conclude, I believe the stark genius of Max’s art is he creates full bodied women who are WOMEN. No anorexic stick models from him. These are voluptuous female fighters who are built to take a lot of hard punches to their heads and bodies, and keep on fighting.

‘Nuff said.

Archive ArtDude41:MMB-Gladiatrix Vs Gladiator

‘Archive Artdude41: MMB – Modern Gladiatrix Versus Gladiator’.  Rendering by: artdude41.  MMB = Mixed Match Boxing
This is the full title as the DA title block doesn't have enough slots for all the words.

Boxer fella (Sports) by Ehsartem

First off, I’m not that big into mixed matches. I’ve written illustrated novels on them and published a number of them decades ago and realize they have their place in the combative women genre. And over the years there have been some damn fine artists who have created some great mixed matches which I have presented to my viewers.
But all that has changed with this superb talent out of Cape Town, South Africa. About a decade ago he was commissioned to do a series of 25 renderings for a paid web site called Studio AD.  He made sure to add their identifying logo ‘AD Sports’ on those pictures.  Anyway, I stumbled upon one of his mixed match pictures on DA.
So I sent him a note which follows:

“Ash, your render of a boxing mixed match is the equal of the very finest of fighting mixed matches I have ever seen.
I should know because I feature such M/F combat on my DA Main Site and my Group site. You are a great talent and as such I feel you should get more DA exposure. So here is what I propose.  I would like to upload and write a review for every one of those 25 renderings that you did of that series and present them to my DA viewers, one at a time. I will, of course, give you full credit, link each one of your renders to your site, and let the viewers know that you are taking commissions etc. If you would, please send me all 25 panels of that mixed match artwork as attachments to me via e-mail.
I have a prestige DA Site (drewhammond) as well as a prestige DA Group Site (CombativeWomen) and would be honored if you would allow me to display your remarkable works on both of them. Drew.”

To which he replied:

“Goodday Drew. I hope you are well. At present I unfortunately cannot send you all 25 shots at one time as they were part of a paid commission.  I will however send you 6 of the best ones and email them to you soon. I will make the selection – A mix.  As well as some of other fights, etc. I will be in touch soon. Cheers mate, regards, Ash.”

That was then and this is now, and now means he has sent me all 25.  This because Ash created the original artwork and as such still holds the artistic copyrights.
After all this time he feels that the ‘Studio AD’ website has had plenty of time to display his works, and now it should be shared by me, and in turn my DA viewers.  In addition, Ashley has become a good friend of mine and as such I have his written permission to upload his pictures and do writeups.

Now to this, the second render to be uploaded:

Title:  ‘Archive Artdude41: MMB – Modern Gladiatrix Versus Gladiator’.
This is the 2nd of the 25 panels and shows that the female boxer has entered into the boxing ring and sees her modern gladiator for the first time.

Here is the previous picture, the 1st of the 25 panels which I uploaded on September 27, 2017.  I titled it: ‘Archive Artdude41: MMB – Entrance Of A Modern Gladiatrix’.
And here is the visual link to that initial picture of this upcoming visual drama of mixed match boxing:  LINK:  

Archive Artdude41:MMB-Entrance-Modern Gladiatrix by drewhammond    

There is precedent.  And it goes back a long ways:
2,000 years ago in the Roman Colosseum (The Latin spelling), and elsewhere throughout the Roman Empire, they held fights to the death between Male Gladiators.  They also, but these were rare, they held the same kind of battles between female Gladiators, who were called: ‘Gladiatrix’.

Depicted here is a woman who is bringing the same kind of combative courage into a boxing ring, which, in its roped in area, displays one of the most brutal of sports: Boxing, for all the arena’s public to view.
And she will be fighting her male equivalent – A modern day Gladiator.
Both understand that this battle will be a fight to the finish, but this finish will not be terminal – As in days of old.

Now some background of the compete series:

Title: ‘Archive Artdude41: Mixed Match Boxing’.
This is the fundamental title.  It is a pictorial story of a woman fighting a man in a ‘Fight To The Finish’ boxing match.  Total number of images: 25.  Each of the 25 panels is a complete rendering of epic proportions.  It is simply a series of masterworks, one after another, and has a knockout of a finish – Both literally and figuratively.
It takes place in a public arena.

Again, there is precedent.  Ash has done this before:
Here is the visual link to another mixed match held in the AD Studio arena.  I titled it: ‘Archive Artdude41: MMB – Championship Match – Round 1’.  LINK: 

Archive Artdude41:MMB-Championship Match-Round 1 by drewhammond

There’s more:
Years ago, Ashley Martin was commissioned to do a series of pictures for a company called: ‘’  It was run by a good friend of mine Andrew Moore who once had a DA Main Site he called: ‘umbongo6’.  But he closed it down.
In addition he once created a website for a company called: ‘’.  This is the site he used to sell illustrated female fight stories.  However, Andy closed that website down too.  All of those pictorial stories were transferred to a website called: ‘Lulu’.  Within Lulu there is a store called: ‘Sublime Savagery’ and that is where these stories can be purchased.  Here is the link to that store:  LINK:…
Here is the visual link to an example of a series of 16 renders called: ‘Bare Knuckle Babes’.  I have titled it: ‘Archivee Artdude41: Bare Knuckle Babes FistFight – Counter Punch’:  LINK: 

Archivee Artdude41:Babes Fistfight-Counter Punch by drewhammond

Here is the background for this series:

‘Title: Bare Knuckle Babes’.  ‘In the early morning privacy of a garage, two uptown girls strip down to only panty hose for a head-knocking bare knuckle grudge match.  It's brutal Blonde on Brunette action – From the start to its knockout of a finish.
This is an agreed upon war – A ‘Fight To The Finish’ – This.  They will punch away at each other until one quits or is knocked out.’

As mentioned before, Andy was a good friend of mine and early on I commissioned him to do some pictures for me.  I also have his written permission to upload his works and do an extensive writeup with each one.  There’s a however to all this.  Most of these illustrated stories have a running commentary describing the action.  Similar to the illustrated novels I wrote decades ago and published under my ‘Brand X Publishing’ nameplate.  As a fellow writer, I feel I should extend a professional courtesy to the man and his writing by being fair to him and will only upload the pictures and not include the commentary.  To get the complete package a viewer will have to order it from the store.  Trust me in this, they are well worth the small fee.

Now, the basic difference between boxing with padded gloves versus bare fists, is a boxing glove will stun the head and body, while a bare fist will sting a face and sink deep into a body.  It’s the difference between stun and hurt.  And these two fistfighters want to hurt the other – Bad.
The overall title for this series of pictures is: ‘Bare Knuckle Babes’.  Concerning each specific render, the titling was left up to me.  So for this exact picture to fit into this ‘Archive Folder’ I needed to change the basic title to: ‘Archivee Artdude41: Bare Knuckle Babes FistFight – Counter Punch’.
The following is my reasoning about this title change:
Starting with: ‘Archivee’.  I changed the spelling of ‘Archive’ into ‘Archivee’ to differentiate this Artdude41 series from his other series that I’ve already uploaded or will upload onto my DA Main Site.
However, this render will go into this ‘Archive Folder’ which will eventually hold all of his best works depicting combative women.
Next is: ‘Artdude41’, the name of his DA website.
After that describing who these fighters are and what type of fistic combat are they doing:  ‘Bare Knuckle Babes FistFight’.
Concluding with what’s currently happening: ‘Counter Punch’.
In this ‘Archive Series’ there will be times when I have to modify or change one of Ash’s titles, and this is one of those times.  But what I won’t change is my opinion of his artistic genius.
And that is all I need to say about this new title at this time.

About the artist:  His name is Ashley Martin and I have set up an ‘Archive’ folder in my ‘DA Main Site’ (drewhammond) to collect all in one place the best works of Ashley.
The title of that archive folder is: ‘Best Of Ash Martin – Artdude41’.  Ashley’s friends call him ‘Ash’, and the name of his Main DA Site is: ‘Artdude41’, which is the DA website that Ash has created to display a portion of his continuous output of remarkable pictures.  And this specific work of art is 'In Deed' one the best by this excellent artist.

Here’s some background on the artist:
This superb talent lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and as I mentioned before he goes by the name of Ash.
The following is one of his works that he sent to me back then. He titled it ‘Box Match 5’, which is a ‘working title’. If I were to give it a final title it would be: The Ecstasy Of Battle’. As a writer I choose my words carefully and here is why I chose ecstasy. By definition: ‘A state of overwhelming emotion. Rapturous delight.’ In this picture the artist makes visual ‘Rapturous Delight’, and that is the feeling a boxer gets when she has let loose a perfectly delivered hard hitting punch that slams into the ‘sweet spot’ of an opponent. And that spot is the chin. The other part of the definition is the ‘State Of Overwhelming Emotion’ she’ll experience when she sees and hears the Referee announce: “Ten”, the result of her drop to the canvas sweet spot shot.

What really impresses me is his ability of using 3D software and converting it into images of photographic quality. I especially like his technique of a photographic panorama shot of the ring and arena. By the way he has named the Gladiatrix ‘Daisy’, and the Gladiator ’Honeyboy Floyd Junior’.  That picture I titled: 'The Ecstasy Of Battle'.
Here is the visual link to that render: LINK: 

MPBO-MM:The Ecstasy Of Battle by drewhammond

To sum up, he simply creates flat out masterpieces of mixed match boxing.  Which he produces on a regular basis.  His imagination, attention to detail, artistic craftsmanship, and sense of humor in some of his works, are superb. That note to him was sent way back in 2009, and since then I’ve gotten his written permission to upload a great number of his pictures and here is another great one to go into the 'Archive Folder'.

I consider him one of the finest artists in all of DA, and while there are a few who, in their own artistic style, equal Ash, there are none who surpass him.
When it comes to fighters, this artist is pretty even handed when it comes to mixed matches or fem vs fem battles.

The following is the visual link to a female boxing match I titled: 'Archive Artdude41: Time':  LINK:  

Archive Artdude41:Time by drewhammond

In conclusion, over the years there have been a number of renders that Ash has created and they have been uploaded on both my DA Main Site and my DA Group Site (‘CombativeWomen’) and eventually here they shall all reside.

In my DA Main Site: ‘drewhammond’ I have a number of folders, and as such each folder will have a full size avatar as its logo.
When selecting an avatar for a group folder it has to be the best of the best because it will represent all of the other renders in that folder.  That is why I have chosen this one, as I consider it a masterpiece in representing both the imagination and attention to detail that Ashley (Ash) brings to all his works. This astonishing picture is of a character he named: ‘Merriam’, a Cavewoman of stunning beauty who is standing on the edge of a cliff, while defiantly taking on all those dinosaurs armed only with a knife.  She will not go gentle into that good night, nor be driven off the edge of that precipice without a fight.  The grim determination on the face of Merriam sealed the deal on my choosing this render as the avatar, for this is a battle that will be terminal.

Alas, for her.

To that end, this will be the avatar of my 'DA Main Site' folder titled: ‘Best Of Artdude41', in which all of his renders will eventually reside.
Here is the visual link to that avatar: LINK: 

Avatar:Best Of Ash Martin-Artdude41-DA Main Folder by drewhammond

Except to add, he does commissions and this is the link to his 'Artdude41' DA Site: LINK:

There is also a website called: 'Erotic Illusions' which contains most of his artwork.  Here is the link:  LINK:…

He is also on a Yahoo website where he features updates and discussions of new projects.
Here is the avatar of the logo of his DA ‘Artdude41’ site:  :iconartdude41:

‘Nuff said.

Archive:Gutted Pose-Visual Impact Body Shot

‘Archive: Gutted Pose – Visual Impact – Up Close Body Shot’.  Rendering by: AFCombat.
This is the full title because the DA title block doesn't have enough slots for all the words.

I have decided to create an ‘Archive Folder’ in my DA Main Site that will contain what I consider the best of Aaron’s artwork, which he has uploaded onto his two DA Sites.
To that end I am rounding up (So To Speak – Or Write?) all of the pictures that the artist, Aaron, has created and I used in various writeups of his featured works.
This one was initially uploaded in my DA Group (CombativeWomen) and placed in the ‘Classic Punches And Poses’ folder during September 28, 2017.  It was titled: ‘Gutted Pose – Visual Impact – Up Close Body Shot’.

This ‘Archive Folder’ of his artworks has an Avatar, which serves as both the ‘Gatekeeper’ and ‘Gateway’ to the: ‘The Best Of AFCombat And WFTBA – DA Folder’.
The following is the visual link to the avatar of that folder:  LINK:  

Avatar:Best Of AFCombat + WTFBA:DA Folder-By Aaron by drewhammond
The reason I titled this render: ‘Avatar: The Best Of AFCombat And WFTBA – DA Folder’, is because I consider Aaron, who has a DA Main Site he calls; ‘DACombat’, and a DA Group Site he calls: WTFBA, which are the initials for: ‘World Topless Foxy Boxing Association’, as one of the best artists on DA, or anywhere else, in creating definitive art depicting female boxing.

As an aside, I don’t say so, but in my mind, when I see WTFBA I think: ‘What The Fuck Boxing Association’.  So cancel my artistic license, already.

Anyway, this is the avatar of that folder, and being the gateway to that folder of exceptional renders, I feel the picture representing that folder has to be the best of the best.  And this one is.  What he has created is both epic and an outright masterwork – Period.
The artist has titled this work: ‘Angelique LeStrange in the Prison Boxing League’.

In his ‘DA Artists Comments’ section he wrote the following when it was uploaded onto his DA Main Site: DACombat on May 21, 2017:

Title:  ‘Angelique LeStrange in the Prison Boxing League’:  “This will probably be the next story for the weekly update.  Of all my characters so far, Ol' Angel feels like the most likely to have been in prison...”

Moving on to the picture at the top of this tome:
This is a stunning picture.  Both in its visual impact to the DA viewer as well as the physical impact to the female boxer’s gut.
Now a fancy name for the boxing term: ‘Gutted’, would be: ‘Eviscerate’.  There is a ‘However’ to a boxer being eviscerated, and it has deathly implications.  In its purest sense eviscerate is pretty much the same as disembowel, and both words are about forcefully ripping out a person’s entrails.  An instrument to perform such an extraction? Samurai Sword comes to mind.
However, in a boxing match, a punch landing full force with a lot of ‘Oomph’ behind it deep into a belly could feel like the fighter’s abdomen had ‘In Deed’ been disemboweled.  Especially if the fist it is not enclosed in a padded boxing glove, instead the bare fist of a fistfighting boxing match.
Either way, be it a gloved or naked fist, such an agonizing blow can drop a woman to her knees for a countup to ‘Ten’.

The artist who created this ‘Close Up And Personal’, and I mean really close up, so close and so personal, that I flinch every time I look at it, is Aaron, who has a DA Main Site he calls: ‘AFCombat’.
He titled this render: ‘Body Shot!’ and uploaded it on June 21, 2017.  In his ‘DA Artists Comments’ section he stated the following:

Title:  ‘Body Shot’:  “Yeah, really enjoying the new gloves...”

By that he had earlier boxing glove software and obtained some improved glove software, and this render was a trial run.  Which turned out well.

In addition, there were others who also enjoyed watching the damage the new gloves could do.  The following are from Aaron’s ‘DA Viewers Comments’ section:

From: Joel-Cevallos – June 21, 2017:  “Shit That Looks Like It Hurts.”

It does Joel. 

From: Jjean1794 – June 21, 2017:  “Awesome gloves and a sexy body shot 😍  .”

From: Shanna1600 – June 21, 2017:  “Beautiful low-angle close-up of what looks like a devastating close-quarters punch!!!
Or ... at least it would be devastating if the recipient didn't possess some of the hardest abdominals around.
Super sexy!!!!!”

From:  drewhammond – June 21, 2017:  “Aaron, you may be enjoying your newly designed boxing gloves but the opponents who are on the receiving end of them, they be slamming into their faces and digging deep into their bodies, aren't.  Drew.”

From: potatopealor – June 21, 2017:  “Very nice! Belly punches are the best.”

Reply from: DezDezodor – July 9, 2017:  “That's a bad strategy unless you're going to corner her and repeatedly knee and punch her in that muscular stomach.  From what it looks like, those rock-hard abs absorbed the punch effortlessly.”

The question could arise on if this artist does closeups of punches to the head and face?

Does he ever.  Here is the visual link to a face punch that he titled: 'Testing new methods, revised.'  LINK: 

Testing new methods, revised. by AFCombat

Additionally, in women’s boxing there are two unique types of punches, this because women are unique to men.  Because women have breasts, blows to them are unique.
And does Aaron of a closeup of one of these blows?  Try a 'Yes'.  Here is the visual link to a picture he titled: 'Round 1-20': LINK:  

Round1-20 by AFCombat

The other is a woman’s pubes, which is euphemistically called her: ‘Mound Of Venus’.  You might say that this unique blow, a punch into her groin would make her groan.
Here is one of those cunt punches which I titled: ‘Cunt Punch: Fight Ending Kayo Blow’.  It was uploaded onto my DA Group Site (CombativeWomen) on September 29, 2017.
The following is the visual link to that render: LINK: 

Cunt Punch:Fight Ending Kayo Blow by drewhammond

In a very short period of time this artist has developed into one of the premiere creators of ‘Combative Women Art’.  In DA we have a number of astonishing artists who are the finest in this field.  However, each has their own distinctive style, and I rejoice in this.  As the French say: ‘Vive La Différence’, which literally means: ‘Long Live The Difference’.  And I’m for that.

To be added:
A person with average reactions, which will get he or she through a lifetime in good order – Be it pedaling a bike, or later driving a car, or in sports as in tennis, or swimming, or even that which is considered quite difficult, mainly piloting an airplane.
But in boxing, average reactions will get you knocked out – Fast.  This because it is an exhausting sport that requires intense concentration, split second timing in attack, and equally split second timing in defense.  We’re talking microseconds here.
All the while exerting a tremendous amount of physical energy of leg and arm movements for three minutes at a time.  Also all the while being constantly pummeled about the head and body. And this goes on for round after round – In the late rounds each of those three minutes becomes interminable.
To merely survive, a boxer has to have fast reactions.
And when you have two fighters whose reaction time is approximately equal, their punches will land simultaneously, and occur in various double whammy variations throughout a match. That is each will first set up and then lash out with a punch, and both blows will land at about the same time because their action and reaction times are similar.
And picture after picture ‘AFCombat’ makes all that visual.

By definition what we have here is precise in delivery, technically powerful, stunning in its impact, and downright gorgeous as it is perfectly executed. 

And I’m describing the picture.

The artist has a DA Main Site he calls ‘AFCombat’, and he is one of the finest purveyors of female combative art anywhere, by anyone, at any time.

Moving on:
Here is to the ‘Why’ that so many female boxing aficionados don’t like to see double whammies landing.  They are often ‘Close in fighting’ short punches without too much ‘Oomph’ behind them.   It’s medium to long range swinging power punches that achieve kayos.  These blows with the rotating body behind them can deliver a vision of what most ringsiders want to see; in fact what a goodly number lust to see:  A woman fighter flat on the canvas – Rendered completely unconscious.
It is the sudden impact of ‘One Punch Power’ which will capture the quintessential meaning of a boxing match: The ‘Spectre’ of a total knockout, whereby the downed boxer will not be able to beat the referee’s countup to ten.
I used the French spelling of ‘Spectre’ instead of the English spelling ‘Specter’, because it is more ominous. It ‘In Deed’ refers to things ominous, of a terrifying nature like a ghost; or phantom; or apparition.
Or being rendered unconscious.

The purest form of knockout is to first be punched to the canvas of a boxing ring and from there to descend into a coma – The deep sleep which is next to death.  By its very nature boxing is damn dangerous.

In fact, over the years, a number of viewers have written to me essentially asking, ‘What the fuck is going on here?’  Or, ‘Why are you depicting women fighting each other?’
Well, the only answer I can give is this:  “You are what you love.  You are not the one who loves you back.”  Which means what you love defines you.  It doesn't matter what others think.  Of great danger is allowing those who love you define you.  It’s wonderful to be loved, but those who love you are human, and as such have human frailties.  If you allow them to define you, then when those frailties come to the fore, and they will – It’s a part of being human, then the hurt can be excruciating.  Sometimes to the point of suicide.

Now to the essential point:  These women have determined to prove to themselves, and to themselves alone, of if they have what we pilots call: ‘The Right Stuff’.  They know full well that when they enter a boxing ring it is dangerous, and can be lethal on occasion.  Now, I can tell you that flying an airplane can be scary at times – When weather conditions rapidly deteriorate and you can’t see a damn thing, or having to land on a short runway and there is a 40 mph crosswind, or the ultimate terror, which is your engine quits.  It is those, and a myriad of other aerial situations, when you need the right stuff to not panic, to trust your instruments, and yourself.
And what is the ultimate test of a woman’s courage, spirit, body, and endurance?  In a word: War.  And boxing, be it with bare fists or gloves, is fistic war – Almost to ‘In Extremus’.  Actual warfare is both figuratively and literally: ‘At the point of death’, and from the Latin literally means: ‘In the farthest reaches.’
Our current civilization has modified this form of fistic war into a sport.  And ‘Aboveground’ has rules and ‘Belowground’ has none, with ‘Underground’ somewhere in between – Rule wise that is.
But this sport always takes place in some form of ‘Battleground’.  And in the ‘Background’ always lurks that ultimate price of warfare the: Spectre Of Death’.

Boxing is a dangerous sport and the ghost of death is always near.  In fact I had an artist friend of mine make visual that ghost.
Here is the visual link to that picture I titled: ‘Ghost Of Death - Always Near’. Rendering by: MkG2k7: LINK:  

Ghost Of Death-Always Near by drewhammond

The end result is these women become fistic warriors, and are willing to take a chance on propelling themselves ever forward in order to emerge victorious in this one on one war.  Knowing full well the fickle compass of fortune, or luck, or whatever, can swing against them and the painful consequences would result in their becoming severely battered about the face and body, bloodied, bruised, ultimately beaten into unconsciousness.  Conscripts who are joined in ferocious battles with outcomes that can end badly as they become casualties of war.

Classic Punches And Poses:  This series is dedicated to visually depicting all the classic punches, as well as the various classic victory and loss poses in the combative women realm. In addition, all of the accouterments related to female fighting such as boxing gloves, boxing rings, boxing trunks, and boxing shoes – Even mouthpieces.

Variations on a theme: At first glance one would think that there aren’t that many variations in the boxing genre of punches and poses. In the beginning (to be a bit biblical) that is what I thought too, and as such figured that this would be a small ‘Group Folder’. Wrong! So wrong. I’ve been uploading these images at the rate of one per month and hereon are listed the main titles so far. And growing:


Classic Punch; Classic Punches; Classic CounterPunch; Sex Punch; Sex Punches; Unfair Punch; Cliché Punch; Punching Uphill; Bolo Left Punch; Bolo Right Punch; Armpit Punch; Ribs Punch: Solar Plexus Punch; Navel Punch; Haymaker Punch; Classic KO; Punches Landing Simultaneously; Classic Belly Punch; Classic Breast Punch: Coup De Grace Punch; KO Punch; Pooch Punch; Almost There Punch; Didn’t See It Coming Punch; Retaliation Punch: Classic Right Cross Punch; Missed Target Punch: Classic Overhand Right Punch; Kunt Punch; Classic Left Jab Punch; Floating Ribs Punch; Surprise Punch; Cunt Punch; Broken Nose Punch; Looping Left To The Cheek; Knocked CockEyed Punch; Right Uppercut Punch; Broken Nose Punch; On The Belt Punch; Right On The Button Punch; PowerShot KO Punch; Straight Right To The Jaw Punch; Classic Right Uppercut To The Tit Punch; Classic Sucker Punch; FistFighting KnockOut Punch; Left To The Solar Plexus Punch; Right Into The Kisser Punch; Right Cross KnockOut Punch; Classic Breaking Her Guard Punch; Breaking A Face Punch; Classic Kunt Punch; Double Whammy Punches; BareFisted Pooch Punch; Right To The Thongline Punch,  Bird's Eye View – Right Uppercut Punch; Sinking Deep Into Flesh Punch; Right Hook Onto The Jaw Punch; Classic Double Whammy Punches, Bloody KnockOut Punch, Pain Made Visual Punch; Straight Left To The Face KO Punch; Glancing Right Hook Punch; Kidney Punch; Classic Left To The Solar Plexus Punch; Classic Exchanging Punches; Classic Left To The belly Punch; Classic Face Punch: Right Out Of Range Punch; The SetUp Punch; Head Versus Body Punches; Classic KnockOut Punch; Part 1 Of A 1,2 Combination Of KO Punches; Classic Cornered KO Punch; Classic Solar Plexus KO Punch; Smashed Face Punch; Classic Straight Right to The Jaw Punch; Classic Straight Left To The Face Punch; Classic UpperCut KO Punch; The Moment Of Impact Punch; Straight Left Power Punch; Right To The Gut Punch; Looping Right KO Punch; Racial Tension Punching; Right On The Button Punch; Bare Fisted Punching; Infighting EggBeater Punch; Slipping A Punch; Sudden Impact KO Punch; Infighting: Left To Pooch Punch; Straight Right To Jaw KO Punch; KO Pooch Punch; Perfect Left Hook Punch. 


Classic Pose; Funny Pose; Defiant Pose; Ropes Pose; KO Pose; Fantasy Pose; Ring Pose; Classic Nude Pose; Bloody Pose; Sparring Pose; Clinch Pose; Historical Pose; CatFight Pose; Revenge Pose; Corner Pose; FistFighters Pose; The Winner Pose; Cruel KO Pose; Trophy Pose; Dazed Pose; Fatigue Pose; Locker Room Pose; Private Fight Pose; Malevolent Pose; Grotesque Pose; Anticipation Pose; Kneed Pose; Knockdown Pose; Dropping To Canvas Pose; Kindness Pose; Touch Gloves Pose; MasterPiece POV Pose; Staggered Pose; Spraying Sweat Pose; Pain Pose; On The Ropes Pose; Against The Ropes Pose; KTFO Pose; Taking Advantage Of A Clinch Pose; FistFighter Triumph Pose; Juggernaut Pose; Taped Fists Pose; Tit To Tit Clinch Pose; The Joy Of Victory Pose; Dropped To The Knees Pose; KnockDown SpreadEagle Pose; Struggle To Rise Pose; In The Beginning Pose; Tight Clinch Pose; Pounded To Her Knees Pose; Trapped In A Corner Pose; Backdown Pose; Classic Clinch Pose; Classic Loser's View Pose; CardGirl Pose; Classic Put Up Your Dukes Pose; Decision Time Pose; Painful Lesson Pose; Struggle To Rise – Rope Pose; Double Missed Punches Pose: Going Head To Head Pose; Exaltation Pose; Classic On The Ropes Pose; Flash Knockdown Pose; Cornered Pose: First Fight Jitters Pose; Timber Pose; Both Punches Landing On target Pose; Classic Cornered Pose; Knocked Through The Ropes Pose; Straddling The Defeated Rival Pose; Close Quarters Pose; Two Swingers Pose; KatFight Pose; Classic Exhausted Pose; Waiting For The Referee’s Countup Pose; Broken Nose Punch; Kicking Her Ass – Literally Pose; Flat On Her Back Pose; What’s Waiting For You Pose; Neutral Corner Pose; Result Of UpperCut Pose; Advancing Toward The Unknown Pose; Slipping A Punch Pose; Waiting For The Next Round Pose; End Of Round Walkaway Pose; A Repose Pose; Ringsider’s View Pose; Pathos Pose; Trading Blows Pose; A KO Is A Lonely Loss Pose; Viewing The Superior Woman Pose; Looking For A Way Out Pose; Near Exhaustion Pose; Deep In Thought Pose; Saved By The Bell Pose; I Can Take Her Smile Pose; Nose To Nose Clinch Pose; Can’t Take The Pain Anymore Pose; Classic Punched To Her Knees Pose; Hanging On For Dear Life Clinch Pose; Canvas View Clinch Pose; Discouraged Pose; New Classic BUFD Pose; Sinking To Abject Defeat Pose; Worried Look Pose; Cornered Pose; In Your Face Clinch Pose; Trying To Climb Back Into The Fight Pose; Alone In Her Scrambled Thoughts Pose; I Want To Be Alone Pose; Closeup-Knocked Into The Corner Ropes Pose; Close Encounters Of The Clinch Kind Pose; Tit To Tit Tight Clinch Pose; Punching Air Pose; Classic Counted Out KO Pose; Classic Nobody's Home KnockOut Pose; Total Collapse Pose; The Thrill Of Victory Pose; The Thrill Of Victory Pose Too; The Agony Of Defeat Pose; The Agony Of Defeat Pose Too; Put 'Um Up Pose; Classic Naked KnockOut Pose; Moving In To Clinch Pose; Waiting For The Bell Pose; Victory Stance KO Pose; Ready To Rumble Pose; Nirvana Pose; Dukes Up Pose; Stopped Pose; Standing Kayoed Pose; Decision Time Pose; Punched To The Canvas Pose; Double Whammy Punches Pose; Gutted Pose.


Classic Left Jab; Classic Right Jab; Classic Left Hook; Classic Right Hook Punch; Classic Right UpperCut Punch; Classic Left UpperCut Punch; Jawbreaker Punch; Classic Kidney Punch; Classic Straight Left Punch; Classic Straight Right; Uppercut To Body; Classic Pooch Punch; Classic Tit Punch; Missed Left Punch; The Be-All End-All Punch; BareFisted Kidney Punch; Womb Punch; Designer Gloves Fistfighter Punch; One Punch Too Many; Heading Toward The Rafters Punch; Deformed Face Punch; Classic RoundHouse Right KO Punch; Facial Distortion Punch; Right Hook To Left Tit Punch; Hard Fist Sinking Into Soft Belly Punch; Knocked Into Oblivion Punch; Penultimate Punch; Punching Bag Punch; Box Lunch Punch; Over And Out Punch; Moment Of Impact Punch; Classic Cunt Punch; Threading The Needle Punch; RoundHouse Left To The Head Punch; Attacking Her Sex Punch; Left Hook To The Face Punch; Rib Breaker Punch; Right To The Jaw Punch; Eviscerating Fight Ender Punch; Classic Left To The Pubes Punch; Agonal Punch; Going Way Downstairs Punch; Classic Overhand Right To The Jaw Punch; Classic Right To The Beltline Punch; Left Into The Pubes Punch; Roundhouse Right KO Punch;  Coup De Grâce Punch; Running On Empty Final Punch; Yin And Yang Punches; Glove Sinking Deep Into Gut Punch; 'Left To Right Tit Counter-Punch; Basement Punch; Vengeance Punch; Liver Punch Kayo; Left To The Sternum Punch; Right UpperCut To Jaw Punch; Straight Right KO Punch; Right On The Button Punch; Take That You Bitch Punch; Into The Pooch Knee Punch; Take That You Bitch Punch Two; Kunt Punch KO; Classic Straight Right To Jaw Punch.


Boxing MasterPiece; FistFight MasterPiece; Knocked Out MouthPiece; Defeat Most Total; Victory Most Total; Pyrrhic Victory Pose; Canvas BeatDown; Face Damage; Street Boxing Pose; Irresponsible Referee Pose; Naked KO Pose; Disqualification Pose; What Happened Pose; Cornered Pose; A Good Licking; Out On Her Feet Pose; Barely Hanging On Pose; Defeat Is Lonely Pose; Hanging On The Ropes Pose; BareHug Pose; Punching Air Pose; Shared Pain Pose; Flying Mouthpiece; Classic AUFD Pose; MILF KnockOut Pose; Champion On Her Throne Pose; Suspended By Ropes Pose; Displaying KO Triumph Pose; Every Man’s Fantasy Opponent Pose; KO Trauma Twitch Pose; Lingerie Boxing Pose; The Mona Lisa Smile Pose; Knuckle Busting Fistfight Pose; The No Mas TurnAway Pose; Coup De Grâce Blow Pose; 1940’s Female Boxing Outfit Pose; Supplication Pose; FistFighting Wives Pose; First Fight Pose; Worm’s Eye View Pose; Alone In Her Thought’s Pose; Combination Blows Pose; Tough Competitors – Still Good Friends Pose; Unfit Boxer Pose; Hidden Thoughts Pose; Rage Pose; Slap Can Be Worse Than A Punch Pose; Between Rounds Frustration Pose; Intentional Wardrobe Malfunction Pose; In Repose Pose; The Pure Joy Of Triumph Pose; Catfight Clinch Pose; Belle Saved By The Bell Pose; Double Whammy Pose; Alone In Her Defeat Pose; All The World’s A Boxing Stage Pose; Shit Happens Pose; When Push Comes To Shove Pose; The Uncouth Female Sport Pose; Squeezing Her Breast Pose; Fierce Determination Pose; Backside Anticipation Pose; Shoving Match Pose; Going Hard At Each Other Pose; Nonplussed Pose; Déjà Vu Frustration Pose; Setup For The KO Pose; Surveying Her Handiwork Pose; A Pressing Of The Flesh Pose; Topsy-Turvy Pose; Mooning Pose; Losing Focus Pose; Ropes – Her Only Visible Means Of Support Pose; Bird’s Eye View Knockdown Pose; Trophy Wives Boxing Match Pose; She’s Excited Pose; Humiliating Defeat – And It Shows Pose; Soft target Pose; Barely Hanging On Pose; The Face Of Defeat Pose; Science Fiction Fighter Pose; The Look Of Contempt Pose; A Bad Shot Pose; Over The Hill Boxers Pose; Bad Shot Too Pose; Naked KO Pose; Walked Into It Pose; Bad Shot III Pose; Hold It Right There Pose; Squeezing Out A Win Pose; Déjà Vu Pose – In Sepia; It Hurts So Bad Pose; Cage FistFight Turning Ugly Pose; Eyes Open But Nobody's Home – Knocked Out Pose; Kunt Punch KO Pose; About To Pounce Pose; Female FistFight Turned Lethal Pose; Naked KnockOut Pose; Distraction Pose; Nonplussed Pose;  The Nirvana Experience Pose; Descent To Fistic Hell Pose; Taking The Other’s Measure Pose; False Courage Pose; Deadly Choke Hold Pose; Get A Grip Pose Made Visual – Literally; The To Be Or Not To Be Decision Pose;  That World’s Heavyweight Champion Pose; Going Down Pose – Literally; Bloody KO Pose: Hard Earned Victory; Katfighting Wrestlers Pose; Bloody Double Whammy Pose; Looking Down Pose – Literally; FistFighting Female Bikers; Defeat Has A Face Pose.

Now to the artist who created this superb work of art.  And it most certainly is.
He goes by Aaron and his DA Site is: ‘AFCombat’.
I blundered into Aaron’s DA Site when a DA friend of mine sent me a DA Note, stating:

“Drew, you’d better take a look at this, and you better be sitting down when you open it up.  Consider yourself forewarned.” 

“Right!” I thought.  “I’ve seen it all before.”  Or so I thought.

I had one of those ‘OMG’ moments when I first viewed it.  It was one of the very first renders Aaron had uploaded on his DA Site way back in March 30, 2016, and he titled it: ‘A trial run...’

And here is the visual link to that picture I first saw which I titled: ‘KO Pooch Punch’: Right Into The BabyMaker’:  LINK:  

KO Pooch Punch:Right Into The BabyMaker by drewhammond

In his ‘DA Artists Comments’ section he wrote:  Title: ‘A Trial Run’.  ”First render with all the props in place...”

I immediately wrote in his ‘DA Viewers Comments’ section the following:

From:  drewhammond – March 30, 2016:  “This is a really realistic picture.  She has slammed a very painful punch to her opponent's 'Pooch'.  And it's a legal blow as it is to her trunk's beltline, which is a legit place to punch.  Now, that glove is going to drive inward and wham against her womb.  Looks like she's trying to unsex her opponent.  To drive her sexual desire to fight into impotence. Congrats on a superb first try.  Drew.”

Aaron has a terrific sense of humor and he gave this render a subtitle that is based on a marriage cliché: ‘For Better Or Worse’, and it takes into account that boxing gloves are made of leather, and it goes like this: ‘For Leather Or Worse’.  Later I became reflective and realized that two boxers pounding away at each other in a confined boxing ring are like a married couple, in that they are jointly wedded together in their mutual agony of pain to faces and bodies.

Still later I became reflective again, and the following is what I concluded:  “Oh My God”, I thought, this is a trial first run.  What the Hell will his pictures look like when he gets cranking?”

Well, here is a similar scene he recently did for me and was done at full crank.
This is how it came about:
When time permitted, Aaron was finally able to open up his time schedule in order to take commissions.  I was first in line.
And the following is the final result of our first commission together – The creation of a cunt punch specifically for me.
The first step on my part of this commission was for me to let Aaron know what was in my ‘Mind’s Eye’.  To that end I sent him an initial POV (Point Of View).  And the POV I sent him was his ‘A Trial Run’ as my inspiration of how I wanted the finished work to have a look that was similar to his ‘Trial Run’.
In return, via e-mails, he made a number of excellent suggestions and after a month of modifications another pooch punch picture was created, but this one had the glove hit further down, right into her clit.
And the following is what finally emerged:
Here is the visual link to that recently commissioned picture that I titled: ‘1,800,000 DA HITS: KO Pooch Punch': LINK: 

1,800,000 DA HITS: KO Pooch Punch by drewhammond

Moving on, yet again:
In the beginning, to be a bit biblical, of the match, each of the women was devoted to rendering her opponent unconscious (At boxing’s worst), or have her give up and quit because of the horrific pain to her face and body (At boxing’s least).  This is not for sport, but, as the Greeks put it, because of: ‘Avarice’.  Which is the lust for money.  Lust can take many forms and in this case here is one form made visual.
To that end their greed for a semblance of wealth prompted them to accept a ‘Winner Take All’ cash purse instead of paying out the money proportionally to winner and loser.  Consequently, each boxer wants this fight to end as quickly as possible so the winner can take the money and run – So to speak.
Knowing this, this ‘All Or Nothing Fight’ was planned by the promoter to be a brutal affair, and to add to the agony they were issued 8 ounce boxing gloves.  Normally male fighters wear 8 ouncers, and up.  Because of their smaller hands and less body weight the women will wear a 6 ouncer if it takes place with ‘Underground Rules’.  The female boxers call them: ‘Nasties’, because at 6 ounces the gloves have just enough padding to protect the knuckles, but are small enough to dig deeply into the body or sting the face.  These nasty sized gloves were designed to appease the ‘Blood Lust’ of a limited number of women who are female boxing aficionados, and the greater number of male aficionados of women fighters who will pay the big bucks to sit at ringside during ‘Underground Bouts’.

Because these two were big girls and quite muscular, they were issued the standard 8 ounce gloves that ‘Middleweight Boxers’ wear.
There is a ‘However’ to all this, and it entails more than money.  Ego has a significant influence on why two equally powerfully built and superbly conditioned woman would allow themselves to be subjected to relentlessly pound each other upon face and body with fists encased in padded gloves.

The initial motivating factor was ‘In Deed’ that both women lusted after that ‘Winner Take All’ cash fight purse.  Since each fighter knew that the other would be going all out to finish off her rival, this match would eventually degenerate into a contest known by the term:  ‘In Extremis’.  Now, the Latin term ‘In Extremis’ means:  ‘At the point of death’.  Therefore, the sly promoter prompted both women to originally agree to the winner gets everything and the loser nothing; knowing that they would go at each other to such an extreme that it would degenerate into a literal ‘Battle To The Finish’, and the end result would be the loser would be rendered physically incapacitated by excruciating pain.  Or worse – Via knockout.

Here is where ego raises its ugly head.  The eventual winner, knowing that she has made it painfully clear, that she is the superior woman, will walk out of the fight ring, with the full intent of leaving her totally defeated opponent lying prostrate on the canvas floor.  To be counted out by the Referee.
They may be fighting for money, but in addition this will become a physical contest between female rivals to determine who is the ‘Alpha Woman’.  They may start out by fighting for the pride of being the winner, and in addition, fighting for superiority; but methinks towards the end neither will view this fight as a sporting contest, instead it will degenerate into a battle of humiliation.  As well as physical, emotional, and if possible, sexual destruction of a female rival.
And that is exactly how it happened, one humiliated the other by attacking her sexual essence via that pooch punch, and in the doing destroyed both her mental will as well her physical ability to continue fighting.
I consider this as a great POV (Point Of View) of a female boxer who has used her opponent’s sexuality against her in order to humiliate a rival fighter.

In addition, Aaron has created three complete female boxing matches that go by: ‘A Night At The Fights’ that are for sale. 

The first one is titled: ‘Fight 1: The Mauler Meets The Monster’, and is an illustrated story which consists of 50 fully illustrated brutal boxing scenes leading to a knockout of a finish.

The second one is: ‘Fight 2: ‘The Cat Comes For Katsumi’.  It has 53 pages of story line with 95 images.   

The third one is titled: ‘Fight 3:  The European Championship’. It has 64 pages of story line with 120 images.

To order here is the link to his DA Site, (AFCombat) which has all the current pricing and simple instructions on how to order:  LINK:

Finally he has set up a ‘Patreon’ section.  Members who join his Patreon Site will have access to all forms of female fighting, which he updates on a weekly basis.  Here is the link to that site:  LINK:…   
And here is the avatar of his DA Site logo:  LINK:   :iconafcombat:

To conclude:
In Rome there is a massive building called: ‘The Pantheon’.  Originally it was a temple dedicated to all the various Roman Gods.  Later it was used as the last resting place for the heroes and heroines of the Roman Empire.  By definition the word pantheon means someone who has been included in a very special and unique group of the arts.  Rembrandt, Beethoven, Michelangelo, Picasso, Rodin, Stravinsky, Shakespeare, and Mozart come to mind.
In DA we have a pantheon of outstanding artists who concentrate their vast talents in making visual the concept of combative women.
A goodly number of their works were done using 3D software.  That doesn’t take away from the fact that they created a series of some of the most remarkable works of female combative art that I have ever seen. In my opinion just about every one of these renderings has the visual power of a Michelangelo; the only difference is the Renaissance sculpture’s medium was marble, while these 21st Century artists medium is electrons. As Buonarroti once stated when asked about how he approached a block of marble – In effect that the figure, or figures, are already residing inside the block. All he need do is chip away at the marble covering their likeness. Or words to that effect.
In this case these modern day artists could state that all they did was push a number of electrons around until they bunched up together in some sort of artistic pattern.

Some bunch.

Some pattern.

‘Nuff said.

Archive:Sci-Fi From Woman To Robot To Immortal

‘Archive: Science Fiction – From Woman To Robot To Immortal’.  Rendering by: Roboman28.
This is the full title as the DA title block doesn’t have enough slots to hold all the words.

‘Everyone must leave something behind when he dies, my grandfather said.
A child or a book or a painting or a house or a wall built or a pair of shoes made.
Or a garden planted.
Something your hand touched some way so your soul has somewhere to go when you die, and when people look at that tree or that flower you planted, you're there.’  

By:  Ray Bradbury. ‘Fahrenheit 451’.

As an aside, a book will burn when its temperature reaches 451 degrees fahrenheit.

Applaud fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem  

It has been said that your children are your immortality.  They will carry your name into the distant future.
Well, Beethoven and Thomas Wolfe and Da Vinci were childless, and how does one measure their immortality? 

The artist, Alan Robertson, who created this work, makes it no secret that he loves science fiction.  And at times expresses that love artistically.  And he also admires the female form, and in this render he has combined both loves.
The following is from his ‘DA Site Artists Comments’ section and will give the reader an idea of what Alan was getting at when he uploaded this picture on his DA Site on May 28, 2017.  The following is what he wrote in that ‘Comments’ section:

Title: ‘From Woman to Robot’.  “***”.

Thanks Alan, that statement of:  “ *** ” tells us everything.


Actually, during prior occasions when I uploaded some of his pictures, I stated he was an artist of few words, and that is the case here.  Try no words.  Then again, he does have a way of creating grand works of art that speak most eloquently for themselves – Visually. And in the main, they tell us a lot.  In actual fact, this particular picture and its view of the progression of human to robot pretty much tells us just about everything we need to know.  And see.

Other than to add, when a robot is configured to closely resemble a human it is known as an: ‘Android’.
As the cliché goes, sleeping humans dream of sheep, which brings up the question of: ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?’ A sci-fi novel written by Philip K. Dick, from which the sci-fi masterpiece of a movie ‘Blade Runner’ was created: and it in turn inspired a soon to be acknowledged masterwork of a film called: ‘Blade Runner 2049’. 

No more descriptive words need be added, and I’ll leave it at that.

Now to the picture:
This is a stunning work of beauteous art and imagination.  The artist, Alan Robertson, has created one of the most gorgeous portraits of a voluptuous woman imaginable.  But a DA viewer doesn’t have to imagine such perfection – It’s already all there.  And then he goes on to create an android who is pretty fetching herself.  However, in that ‘All There’ is something that is not there.  Missing is the modern conventional vision of femininity, for this picture is not of a ‘Pretty Beauty Of Pristine Gentility’. Nor a stick thin model that represents the height of beauty which the fashion industry has cursed our society with.  Instead we are presented with vision of a powerful woman transcendental in its visual impact and emotional power.  And then transfers all that to the android.    

Every time I think this artist has reached his creative peak, he goes off on some artistic tangent, and this render is one of those tangents.
By that I mean Alan’s talented reach has yet again exceeded his artistic grasp.

And more:

Concerning Mister Robertson’s ability in combining females with science fiction scenes, there is precedent:

Starting with my favorite picture of his, which he created for me back in October 28, 2012, which I titled: ‘Carnal Combat’.
Here is the visual link to that render:   LINK:

Carnal Combat by drewhammond

Next is the visual link to a render titled: 'Alien Experiments 3': LINK:

Alien Experiments 3 by Roboman28

After that the visual link to a render titled: 'Robot Queen':  LINK: 

Robot Queen by Roboman28

Followed by the visual link to a render titled: 'It's Time':  LINK:

It's time by Roboman28

Concluding with the visual link to a render titled: 'Robot Future':  LINK:  Robot Future by Roboman28

Moving on:
Methinks I know the man – Via his vast oeuvre about women.  In his various depictions of females of all races, he visually shows his respect for them.  And it is wide ranging.
Finally, after viewing all of his various examples of voluptuous women, I think that Alan has come full circle, and their sum total has inspired his current creation. 

Again, there is precedent, and it was expressed in a poem by the Nobel Prize winning poet T.S. Eliot.
I can't shake it, all this comes together in that Eliot poem which I believe expresses how Mister Robertson has gone full circle, and in the doing knows his artistic ‘Place For The first Time’ as he continues his journey of artistic discovery:

‘We shall not cease from exploration.
And the end of all our exploring,
Will be to arrive where we started.
And know the place for the first time.

‘Little Gidding’.  By:  T. S. Eliot

At the beginning of this tome I mentioned immortality, especially concerning the arts. And asked the question about three immortals of the arts: Beethoven, Thomas Wolfe and Da Vinci.  Each of them had something to say about immortality and to start off is Beethoven:

“The vibrations on the air are the breath of God speaking to man's soul. Music is the language of God. We musicians are as close to God as man can be. We hear his voice, we read his lips, we give birth to the children of God, who sing his praise. That's what musicians are.”

Da Vinci was more succinct:

“Beauty perishes in life, but is immortal in art.”

And then there is Thomas Wolfe, who has a propensity to go on. And on.  And on – In all of its profundity:

“There came to him an image of man’s whole life upon the earth. It seemed to him that all man’s life was like a tiny spurt of flame that blazed out briefly in an illimitable and terrifying darkness, and that all man’s grandeur, tragic dignity, his heroic glory, came from the brevity and smallness of this flame. He knew his life was little and would be extinguished, and that only darkness was immense and everlasting. And he knew that he would die with defiance on his lips, and that the shout of his denial would ring with the last pulsing of his heart into the maw of all-engulfing night.”

Here is the full background of this DA artist:
Alan Robertson has named his DA Main Site: ‘Roboman28’.
He titled the render at the top of this writeup: 'From Woman To Robot.
However, in order for it to fit into the: ‘Best Of Alan Robertson - ROBOMAN28’ folder I had to modify his title to:  ‘Archive: Science Fiction – From Woman To Robot To Immortal’.  The following is my reasoning for the modification:
Staring with: 'Archive'.  This will be another addition to the 'Archive Folder I have created to contain the best of this artist.
After that the genre that is being depicted: ‘Science Fiction’.
Next is included his original full title: From Woman To Robot’.
Concluding with: 'To Immortal’.  Androids don’t die.  Except in the movie: ‘Blade Runner’.
There are times when I will modify one of Alan's titles, and this is one of those times.  But what I won't modify is my opinion of his artistic genius.
Enough said about this matter at this time.

That’s all folks.

Except for the following:
Long ago, and far away, I decided to establish in my Main DA Site: ‘drewhammond’, an 'Archive' of what I considered the best works of an English artist, Alan Robertson, and called it: ‘Best Of Roboman28'.
The reasons are many, and for one I consider him a friend.  However, in the main, I consider this gifted artist as one of the finest in all DA, and as such have (With his written permission) created an 'Archive Folder' dedicated (In my opinion) to his finest works – Which in the main will feature combative women. These are extraordinary works of powerful art featuring deadly beauties in even deadlier struggle.
As with any great artist, there will be exceptions to this genre.  His imagination has a range that is as wide as it is deep.  He’s all over the place, be it depicting human or mechanical images.
In his vast output there are airplanes, ships, tanks, and other mechanical images of war, each of which is presented as a ‘Terrible Beauty’.  At the other extreme are his Gladiator and Gladiatrix renders, and these too have their unique terrible beauty.

In my DA Main Site I have a number of folders, and as such each folder will have a full size avatar as its logo.
When selecting an avatar for a group folder it has to be the best of the best because it will represent all of the other renders in that folder.  That is why I have chosen this one, as I consider it a masterpiece in representing both the imagination and attention to detail that Alan brings to all his works.  Mister Robertson has a DA Main Site he calls: ‘Roboman28’, and all of his renderings that I have uploaded had that name.
This astonishing picture is a combination of stunning beauty (Especially stunning are these two) and the harsh brutality of two Gladiatrix in a Roman arena engaged in a female ‘Fight To The Finish’ – Literally.  The trace of a smile in the cold malevolence in the Roman’s face as she is about to thrust her spear into the Nubian’s body is what sealed the deal on my choosing this render as the avatar. So, this is what I think.  And it’s included in the writeup of the following picture.
This render is the ‘Avatar’ of the ‘Best Of Roboman28' folder which I titled:'Avatar: Best Of Alan Robertson-ROBOMAN28 Folder:
Here is the visual link to that folder:  LINK:  

Avatar:Best Of Alan Robertson-ROBOMAN28 Folder by drewhammond

The following is the writeup about this avatar and goes into great detail of the background of this artist’s Gladiatrix series of pictures:
Often combative women have to deal with killing or being killed.  Consequently, as concerns this death business here is what Shakespeare had to say about it:

‘Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once.
Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
Seeing that death, a necessary end,
Will come when it will come.’      Shakespeare:  ‘Julius Caesar’.

The true horror is whomever we are, we shall all die and in most cases will be forgotten after a few generations have past.
What makes these stanzas most apt is in the following renders we will be witness to what are horrific struggles ‘Of Great Pith And Moment’ (Again Shakespeare – Hamlet) that are fought for money, or freedom, or to the death; and during the ensuing battles they are full of sound and fury.  Yet years later, with the passage of multiple generations, all those wins and losses will end up signifying nothing.
The winners and losers, as well as their victories and defeats will eventually be turned to dust – In equal measure.    

Here is the background as I see it.  During Roman times Roman citizens were allowed a good measure of freedom, unlike the large number of slaves who did the dirty work – Literally.  Such freedoms permitted the free citizens to make financial mistakes and end up, or down, in debtor’s prison.  We’re talking about the whole family.  To get out of this predicament the parents would be forced to sell either their son or daughter, or both, into a special sort of slavery reserved for the no longer free Roman citizen.  It was to the owners of the various Gladiator schools who were paid to provide a steady stream of sword fodder to the various arenas throughout the Roman Empire.  In this way, a sold son or daughter could fight his or her way out of debtor’s prison, and if successful enough, get the rest of the family out.  If they lasted long enough.
At the other extreme there were those who were crazy enough to volunteer to join those Gladiator schools and become trained to fight in the arena.  A number of them were women who were members of families of wealth, while others were of noble birth and part of the aristocracy.  Much to the consternation of the various Roman Emperors who groused (Mentioned in surviving Roman documents) about the elite of Roman womanhood displaying themselves as common fighters at various arenas.

All of this background can be encapsulated into this render.  The artist gives us no clue as to the why and how that two Gladiatrix ended up, or down, in this mortal predicament.
He leaves that to the viewer’s imagination.  Ah, the mind boggles at the thought of it. 

Da Vinci Fella (Artists) by Ehsartem

Moving on to other things:
First off I’d like to say I just looked up the word ‘Masterpiece’ in my Webster’s Dictionary, and next to the definition of the word was a picture of Alan Robertson. Then I looked up ‘Masterwork’, and there he was again. I suspect the same would hold true for ‘Epic’, ‘Stunning’, and ‘Prolific’. Especially ‘Prolific’, as Rembrandt was prolific. And the comparison doesn’t stop there, as Alan is about as good an artist as Rembrandt, only the techniques have changed. Oils, 400 years ago, 3D computers now. Unchanging is his artistic genius.

In the beginning, to be a bit biblical, the artist started to upload his superb renderings in Deviant Art during April 2009 – Around seven years ago.  Alan has titled his DA Site: ‘Roboman28’.  From that site is this picture, and it is what I term a: ‘Late Term Roboman28’ render, because it was uploaded onto his DA Site on May 28, 2017, when he was at the height of his creative powers and artistic techniques.  And yet, if you go back to his early renderings of his creation period, this remarkably talented artist had already established the hallmarks of his creative style – Which is very life-like, often historical, and detailed to the extreme.  His pictorial palette reveals a wide ranging imagination; attention to detail; pictorial craftsmanship; a historian; a fantasy artist; as well as a science fiction fan.  A number of all those genres I’ve already uploaded into this archive folder.
Be it early, or late term Roboman28, at every stage of Alan Robertson's artistic development can be seen his wide ranging imagination depicting, with astonishing beauty, the unbelievable made believable.  And in contrast, the unbelievable brutality of humans made believably horrific.
A lot of Alan’s pictures are about female Gladiatrix fighting each other – In arenas.  However, he also shows their mortal struggles in an intimate fashion – Both between themselves, and the small venue where they are fighting.

For example:

In the movie: 'Gladiator', there was a battle in the Roman Colosseum (Latin spelling) between two contending groups, the contrast was: Mobile versus stationary.  The mobile were all African female warriors in war chariots ('Essedari), and they were pitted against standing all male Gladiators (Catervarii) in the re-enactment of the Roman victory in the 'Battle of Carthage'.  These re-enactments were actually conducted in that Roman arena and were meant to be EPIC BATTLES, and 'In Deed' were.  This in contrast to the Gladiatrix, or Gladiator, INTIMATE BATTLES between two fighters in close-in combat.

But what of the center between these two extremes – The pitched battle of chariots and troops, contrasted with two Gladiatrix in an intimate death struggle?

The poet Yeats attacked this problem as he viewed the rational center of humankind collapsing. It was written in 1919, just after the end of the most horrific war of all time, 'The Great War', as it was known back then when it ended in 1918.  Or so everyone thought.  The worst was yet to come:

'Turning and turning in the widening gyre.
The falcon cannot hear the falconer.
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere,
The ceremony of innocence is drowned.
The best lack all conviction, while the worst,
Are full of passionate intensity.'      William Butler Yeats 'The Second Coming' – 1919.

That was then, and this is now.  And in this 'Now' this artist leaves room for the center (centre) to flourish.  Contrary to what Yeats predicted about the downfall of the 'Centre', Alan and I got together to create a number of epic masterpieces.  Some of which combined the essence of science fiction, fantasy art, and deadly struggle in various scenes that can only be made visual in the combining of each of our 'Mind's Eye Vision' to show something never before seen, or even imagined.  Between the previous extremes, we are all in search for the center – Be it our personal lives in particular or the planet in general.  To that end we profoundly hope that the center holds.


But the center of human endeavors is tenacious, and it still clings to all that is regarded as good.
Upon reflection, I think it would be interesting if Alan created a picture that would show him facing the viewer with his face scrunched up in puzzlement, this because there would be a small angelic angel perched on one shoulder and an equally small, but devilish angel on the other shoulder; and each is whispering into one of his ears.  The visual quandary in his face of whom to listen to.

This time.     

In this folder are over one hundred renders by ‘Roboman28’ that I have featured on my Main DA Site.  In the beginning (again, on the biblical aspect) I intended to stop at 50 of his pictures and the accompanying written uploads of his works of art.  But Alan just keeps creating such stunners, and in such pictorial variety, that I've gone and extended the total to 100.  After that I had to extend it to beyond 100 – Currently its heading toward 200.
As mentioned before, what was in his mind's eye he has made visual.  As concerns his other works, he has depicted incidents that range from the gloriously beautiful to the violently bloody – And it's all here.  It's also all there, starting in 2009 making visual the full range of the human condition – Seven years worth.  And to be added:  Worthy

Moving on yet again:
Finally, there are some works by this artist that are perfect in my eyes, and I have no suggestions to make on how to improve them. And above are a number of those visual stunners.

In fact I consider it quite an ‘Honor’ that Mister Robertson gave me permission to write about and upload a large number of his superb artworks.

The following is what I wrote concerning one of Alan’s previous pictures, and in the main, is apropos with this current render:
No language has as many words as English, which totals approximately one million. In that vast array there are a few words which stand for something special. Something very special – A uniqueness of expression and feeling that is absolute.  As concerns the pictorial output of this artist it is: ‘Pantheon’.

In Rome there is a temple that was built 2,000 years ago, and in this Pantheon are buried the painter Raphael, and the composer Corelli, to name but a few. As such, the building and the name have come to mean those few, those very few, who are highly regarded as the greatest contributors to a specific endeavor – In this case, the arts. Be it music (Beethoven and Wagner), paintings (Rembrandt and Picasso), sculpture (Michelangelo and Rodin), and literature (Shakespeare and Herman Wouk), all have stood the test of time; actually the ages, of those who have changed the way we see things. And in the main, for the better. There are other contributors to the other arts, and I could go on about them, but you get my meaning. Therefore I wish to nominate an additional member to join that august group and it is one called: Alan Robertson. For in the field of displaying the horrific beauty of combative women and men in both mortal and immortal combative activity, this artist has to be ranked at the pinnacle of the visual arts. Simply put, with this render, another one of his continuous superb masterpieces, Alan has entered that Palace Pantheon of the arts – By yet another door.

To conclude.  I started this tome commenting on immortality, and there is no writer like Shakespeare whose plays define immortality.  And yet the irony is he didn’t write his plays for fame, he wrote them to earn the money in order to retire from playwriting, and quit appearing as one of his characters in the Globe Theater, and have the time to write poetry.  And while he created some of the finest poetry ever, he is beloved for his plays.

Another poet, Alexander Pope, knew this and in a few pithy stanzas put it most succinctly that he wrote his plays for financial gain, and not for artistic glory – In spite or, or despite. Himself: 

‘Shakespeare for gain not glory,
Winged his roving flight.
And grew immortal.
In his own despite.’  By Alexander Pope.

Nuff said.

Except to add that the roboman28 DA Site link is: LINK:
And the logo of his DA avatar link is: :iconroboman28:

Archive:Nude Female Duelists-Wounded Conclusion

'Archive: Nude Female Duelists – Wounded Conclusion’.  Render by: Blades-123.

Often, Blades the artist, will create a mortal duel, meaning it ends in the death of one of the duelists.
Fortunately that is not the case with this superb render.
The following explanation of what has just happened is from Blades DA Main Site ‘Artists Comments’ section:

Title: ‘Duelists’:  “The duel had been a one-sided affair.  Madame Reneaud now lies wounded and swooning in the arms of the young gardener, Alfonse.
As her former lover, the Duke, congratulates the young and beautiful Mademoiselle DeFarge, who will soon replace the older woman in his affections......”

As might be expected from such a stunning picture, it generated quite a number of comments from the DA viewers.  The following are some samples of the back and forth discourse which were recorded in Blades ‘Viewers Comments’ section:

From:  NualaTawse – September 5, 2017:  “Fabulous scene.  Madame has been thoroughly outclassed, judging by the number of wounds she is exhibiting. It was kind of Mademoiselle to have the good grace not to mark Madame’s face.  It would appear Madame may need to practice her footwork :-) .”

Reply from: Blades-123 –September 5, 2017:  “Indeed, this was clearly a mismatch. Will she finish off the older woman? Who can say...:)
Many thanks for your kind comments, and for faving my stuff.:) .”

Reply from:  NualaTawse – September 5, 2017:  “I don't think Mademoiselle will finish her off.
Though in the long run that may prove to be a mistake ;-).  .”

Reply from:  Blades-123 – September 5, 2017:  “You have a good point...
Maybe Mademoiselle DeFarge should use hers? :)  .”

From:  Nathanomir – September 5, 2017:  “A Pre-Revolution sword duel between two naked women – With intrigue involving the nasty Duke, and a future tryst between future lovers no doubt in the offing. And who knows what villainy lurks in the heart of the second behind Alfonse?
If romance novels contained scenes like this, we'd be more inclined to read them.
Sometimes, my wife wakes up grumpy. Sometimes, she lets me sleep.

From: Henchies-and-hose:  -September 5, 2017:  “Fortunately Madame's wounds don't look too severe, so we can assume that it is mostly her lofty pride that is hurt. The bewigged lady must have started the duel with great confidence having had a handful of lessons from a rather flattering fencing master. Luckily her superior opponent appears to have been more concerned with humiliating her into yielding with a few scratches, rather than skewering her rival.
One assumes that Madame will busy herself with less hazardous hobbies in future, such as enjoying the charms of her well kept garden. :) (Smile) .” 

Reply from: Blades-123-September 5, 2017:    :D You're right.
It looks like she'll live, particularly if the young gardener tends to her wounds. The Duke may want her thrown out, to make room for his new paramour.....”

From: SonnyFtM – September 5, 2017:  “Aw, poor Madame ...
Hopefully she's not mortally wounded and that the young Alfonse will take good care of her ... LOL! Giggle Wink/Razz.”

From:  Henchies-and-hose – September 5, 2017:  “Mademoiselle DeFarge:
‘Why, off so soon Madame? Goodness me, you've left all your pretty dresses and jewelry. Don't worry! I'll see that they are put to good use. I doubt you shall be needing them at the gardener's cottage in any case. Hurry along now! Unless you feel that you should like another fencing lesson of course? Shoo! Shoo!’."

Reply from: Blades-123 – September 5, 2017:  :D I think you've caught Mademoiselle DeFarge's tone perfectly!”

Reply from: Henchies-and-hose – September 5, 2017:  “Thank you! I'm guessing that Madame Reneau's tone might be a bit more high pitched and incoherent as she hastily grabs her wig and an armful of undergarments, before being chased out with a couple of thwacks to her derriere courtesy of the flat side of the Mademoiselle's sword. ;)
I'm sure that Madame will not put up too much protest at her eviction or the change in her circumstances, especially if Mademoiselle DeFarge offers to assist in persuading her to vacate her rooms.“

From: Snapshotz3D – September 5, 2017:  “It is good to see that they had enough forethought to ensure that the fancy clothes they normally wear would be kept unblemished.
You can tell that they have perfected the preparations for these duels.”

Reply from: Blades-123- September 5, 2017:  “Interesting historical note: Clothes were sometimes removed for duels, because it was realized that when cloth was pushed in to a wound, by a sword thrust or a shot ball, it often became infected. Thus quite slight injuries could prove fatal.”

And we’ll end it with that.

And start with the following question?  In his vast oeuvre of artwork has Blades done any other dueling pictures?
Let me count the ways.  Starting with the following:

here is the visual link to this render I titled: 'Archive: Female Duelists’: LINK" 

Archive:Female Duelists by drewhammond

Then continuing on with the following superb examples:

Here is the visual link to a render I titled: 'Archive: Run Through – Literally’:  LINK: 

Archive:Run Through-Literally by drewhammondd:

Here is the visual link to the render I titled: 'Archive: Messy Divorce Made Simple – And Final’:  LINK:

Archive:Messy Divorce Made Simple-And Final by drewhammond

Here is the visual link to the render I titled:'Archive: End of the Duel Between Naked Swordswomen': LINK:

Archive:End Of The Duel Between Naked Swordswomen by drewhammond

Here is the visual link to the picture I titled:   'Archive: Duel’s End – Redux’: LINK: 

Mature Content

Archive:Duel's End-Redux by drewhammond

Here is the visual link to the picture I titled: ‘Archive:  The Duelists – The Deadliest Of Games': LINK:

Archive:The Duelists-The Deadliest Of Games by drewhammond

And so on. 

With the artist's written permission, I have created a 'Best Of Blades-123' archive here on my 'Main DA Site'.  This because as concerns depicting combative women, he is one of the finest artists on DA, and for that matter, just about anywhere else.  It is to be a history of his superb works of art, both past, present, and future.

Here is some background:
In my DA Main Site: ‘drewhammond’ I have a number of folders, and as such each folder will have a full size avatar as its logo.
This folder will hold what I consider some of the greatest combative male and female illustrations in all of Deviant Art. How many will be added to this Best Of Blades-123 collection, I just don't know.  As time goes by there will be additional masterpieces he has created for himself, and for others – Many of which I consider will be timeless in their quality; and as such will be introduced into this folder.
When selecting an avatar for a group folder it has to be the best of the best because it will represent all of the other renders in that folder.  That is why I have chosen this one, as I consider it a masterwork in representing both the imagination and attention to detail that Blades brings to all of his works.  Especially this one as all the angles and perspectives are superb.  This is an artist who has ‘The Eye’ for angles and perspective.  You either ‘Have It’ or you don’t.  He has it.
Now, this astonishing picture is an epic masterpiece – Pure and simple.
By sorta, I mean it is ‘In Deed’ pure in showing the conclusion of a boxing match. ‘Pure’ in the sense that this is a knockout of a render – Both literally and figuratively.
However, simple it is not.  This is a picture that is a combination of two stunning beauties as well as the exuberance the winner shows in her face – The pure joy of knowing that she has just won a tough fight against a worthy opponent.
Also, America just beat Russia, and that sealed the deal on my choosing this render as the avatar.

Here is the background of this specific render:
This is the conclusion of the first ‘International Nude Boxing Championship’, which was recently held in a Las Vegas arena, whereby a sellout crowd witnessed the American Negress Barbek Alabama knocking out the Russian Caucasian Vlada Rasputin in the 8th round.  Most of the world cheered at the stunning result.
Invoking my artistic license, I changed everything that the artist stated when he uploaded this stunner onto his DA Main Site.
What follows is what Blades placed in his ‘DA Artists Comments’ section on July 16, 2014:

Title:  ‘West Beats East’:  “Aphrodite Cree defeats the Soviet boxer Ivana Drago with a savage uppercut. A spectator leaps into the ring to render first aid on the unconscious Russian 'Superwoman'.
Plot shamelessly stolen from the Rocky films. Don't sue me!
Also, ((Did some more work in GIMP,  I far prefer the colour balance now.)).”
Here is the visual link to that Avatar: LINK:  

Avatar:Best Of Blades-123 - DA Main Folder by drewhammond 

Of his boxing pictures, this is the pick of the litter, so to speak.  An emotionally moving as well as a stunning major masterpiece work of art.
In contrast with we brash Americans, the English are a subtle people.  And no one Brit personifies that cultural schism between our two nations than what is depicted in the artwork of Blades-123.  The reason he will curry DA viewers comments is because of his maddening propensity to leave subtle clues in his pictures of WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING.

To be added, there was one picture in which we both collaborated on and it was another boxing picture of his.
Here is the visual link to a render he did for me which I uploaded on August 18, 2014 and titled: ‘900,000 DA HITS: Naked Knockout’:   LINK: 

900,000 DA HITS:Naked KnockOut by drewhammond

As concerns the artist:  Blades has a DA Site he calls: 'Blades-123'.  He is English, and as such reflects the rich artistic history of that noble race of island people.  And in the doing, reflects the unique inner vision to pictorially present all that is noble in action and spirit in combative women. Fighters who are willing to literally lay bare their bodies, display their deep courage, accept at times an amount of horrific pain in order to present an unrelenting desire to not only seek victory and glory, but to reveal their very inner souls in their quest to not only win, but to prevail.

A while back the artist yanked all of his renders from his DA Site because some sort of a malcontent DA visitor made a fuss about one of his pictures.  Fortunately there we so many Blades fans who wrote in and told him how much they enjoyed his art work that after a while he relented and uploaded all of them.
However, I was so appalled at the possible loss of all these superb renderings that I set up a ‘Best Of Blades’ archive on my Main DA Site in order to preserve the best of his vast oeuvre of art works and limited it to 50.  Or so I thought. 

The first work that he uploaded on DA was way back in April 2, 2009, so he's been at it for awhile.  Even back then he had honed his craft and his staggering artistic talent was readily apparent years ago when he was still perfecting his artistic technique and in the midst of expanding his unique style.  Which doesn't mean he has become static in his artistic development – He’s still taking pictorial risks as he pushes the ‘Artistic Envelope’, so to speak.
In these renders can be seen some of his unique 'Blades Style' which have taken full form.  Not to say that at present he has stopped improving his art, for he is, as the English say: 'Still muddling through'.
These pictures are a visual testimony of his still seeking to expand his artistic reach, and output.  Or to paraphrase the poet Robert Browning, that his reach should exceed his grasp.

Earlier I had touched on the creation of small minor masterworks and epic major masterpieces and have concluded thusly:
Ah, the contrast between the major and minor.  The epic major masterpieces have everything, similar to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, with full 100 piece orchestra, full male and female chorus, and solo singers.  The minor, the small masterworks are intimate affairs, not of the heart, but of the flesh – Female bodies colliding in sweaty conflict.  Again, the analogy of Beethoven, such as his ‘Moonlight Sonata’ genre, a solo piano playing various melodies with such passion, beauty, and at times power, that upon the hearing, one is never the same again.
This artist just keeps turning out these superb works of combative women, and I have already shown a number of his stunners. He is a prolific artist and has uploaded over 500 renders onto his DA Main Site.  I've decided to hold to 10 % of that total which will go into my 'Best Of Blades-123'.  As a result 50 were ultimately listed.

Then, a few days after he posted his current pictures he lamented that his last two ‘Arena’ pictures didn’t receive many views, and he was going to suspend doing additional ‘Arena’ themed pictures for awhile.  Then added he was interested in feedback from his viewers on ideas for other types of images.
That is when I sent him a private ‘DA Note’, that said in part: 

“Per your request for ideas, I’ve listed all of your boxing and arena pictures with the viewer ‘Hits’ on each one.  As you can see, the boxing renders are more popular than your arena pictures. One reason is you are one of the finest female boxing artists in DA. The POVs are unique and stunning. Since you want eyeballs on your DA Site, I guess I’ll expand my Best Of Blades from 50 to 100 and start adding in your superb current arena renders. As per usual, I’ll credit you as artist and link your DA Site.  With all due respect and admiration, Drew.”

Here is the background of how the DA Main Folder: ‘Best Of Blades-123’ came to be:
As of late, Blades (Yep, that’s who he wants to be referred to on his DA Main Site) was pondering in his DA Journal that he was in a bit of a funk, in that he felt: “Jaded and uninspired at the moment” and "Might not come up with any new stuff for a while”.
He both says and does this at times.
So I sent him a ‘DA Note’ stating that I hold his art in highest regard, and as any artist will do, is at times go through a fallow period. Although I didn’t use the unplowed farmland ground ‘Fallow’, but instead referred to every writer’s and artist’s Greek Muse:

From Drew to Blades-123: “It seems your Greek Muse is on vacation. She'll return, so don't be troubled.  However, I am troubled. And that because you keep deleting your works. I have to stand in line to tell you that you are one of the finest artists on DA, and as such it is a near crime to delete a work of art that you now consider inferior, when a great number of other artists DA renders don't even approach yours for quality. So this is what I propose. With your permission I would like to create an 'Archive' on my Main DA Site, and include some of your current, as well as some of your deleted works. Especially the deleted ones. It's as if Rembrandt threw his early works into the trash. They're Rembrandts, for Lord's sake. They have to be preserved. What say you? Drew.”

From Blades-123 to Drew: “Thank you, that's really kind. I appreciate it, but I don't remember deleting any of my stuff recently. You're more than welcome to use my stuff in an archive, and thanks again. Blades.”

Later he added:  "Yeah, if I'd left the others that would have made three different versions of the same image in my Gallery, which seemed a bit indulgent!  And maybe the girl is only wounded....? "

Myself, as an historian, I like to see everything that leads up to a finalized picture – From  the first rough POV (Point Of View), leading to the initial WIP (Work In Progress); to the finished work.  Anyway, Blades isn't alone in this revision thing.  The following is what I wrote to him on this matter: 

From Drew to Blades-123: “You, me, and Stravinsky (The greatest composer of the 20th Century) like to tinker with our works.  Stravinsky especially did a number of revisions of his ballet score of: ‘The Firebird’. Anyway, you had a boxing scene whereby the Negress was knocked out. However, you revised it later (tinkered) and deleted the earlier render. The same with the Gladiatrix scene in the Roman arena. In fact there may be a lot of pictures in your computer that you deleted from DA. Please send them, as they will go into the archive as history. We have got to hang onto our history of past (almost lost) art. Drew.”

Anyway, when this series is completed, then we both may have the time to go back into our computer memory banks and resurrect old pictures and old memories.
To be added, there are others who also have a lot more to say about these splendid renderings. The following is from the ‘DA Viewers Comments Section’ that was written about a previous picture, but in the main is apropos here:

Starting with me:  From:  drewhammond – September 8, 2009:  "Will you stop it for lord's sake.  I can't stand this onrush of greatness.  Don't change a damn thing. I can't believe such quickness. But knowing you as well as I do now, the title gives it away that there is no rest for the wicked. While it is 'Almost Over', the next rendering will be: 'It's Over'. Get some sleep, I need to. Drew."

Reply from: Blades-123 –September 8, 2009:  "Sleep? It's barely seven in the evening here!  Actually, my workflow is fairly fast, most of the time, which is why I think, I'll always be a 'Journeyman' at this. I'm simply don't have the patience to devote the hours it would take to produce truly great stuff.   If you know what I mean."

Reply from:  drewhammond – September 8, 2009:  "You have chosen to answer my questions in a DA public forum and as such I will reply in that same DA forum. To quote you: “Actually, my workflow is fairly fast, most of the time, which is why I think, I'll always be a ‘journeyman’ at this. I'm simply don't have the patience to devote the hours it would take to produce truly great stuff.”  Well, I admire your honesty about yourself. I just don’t believe it’s true. Perhaps for the moment it’s true, but not in the long run. So let me make the long run into a short one. Meaning the here and now. It’s an old cliché that I found rings true, in that only genius can first spot genius. And you have got ‘the gift’. The question is how do you use this gift, are you a Mozart, or a Beethoven of the arts? By that I mean Mozart had an easy time composing, and you can hear it in his music – Which is lighthearted and frothy, fun to listen to. You walk away from a Mozart symphony smiling. Granted, a tremendous amount of skill went into his works, but he makes it seem so effortlessly done as he knocked them off quickly. Try 41 symphonies in 35 years. Remind us of someone we both know? Now, Beethoven, a genius in his own right, would work, actually struggle, with composing a symphony for years; but when he was finished most were monumental epics. That is why Beethoven has the ability to move great numbers of people, because they can identify with him and his struggles to achieve musical perfection. Their lives are mired in struggle and yet they realize that when they hear the end of a Beethoven symphony they know that the human spirit will stand triumphant. One walks away from a Beethoven symphony deep in thought, and pride – Pride in being a member of the human species that could create such power and profundity. Nine symphonies in 57 years, and yet his 9th ‘The Choral’ is the greatest work of music this side of heaven. So, it’s decision time. Do you want to continue to be a ‘journeyman’ artist and entertain in the Mozart fashion, or develop the discipline of patience in order to create monumental epics of Beethovenian grandeur that will move people in directions they never contemplated? I, and the viewing public, await your answer. With all due respect and admiration, Drew."

Applaud fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem

As mentioned earlier, I stated that I would hold the total number of ‘Best Of Blades’ uploads to 50.
It would end at that number, or so I thought.  About a week later he wrote this:

“Next.  The last 'Arena' image hasn't proved that popular, so I've stopped working on the planned sequel, and I'm going to take a short break from rendering instead. If you have any ideas about what kind of images you'd like to see me do next, I'm open to suggestions.
See you soon. :)

Well, he got a plethora of comments, all urging him to continue his creations – Be they anything.  So it seems I’m going to have to expand the ‘Best Of Blades’ to 100 renders; starting with this ‘Arena’ one.     

I've said enough.  These astonishing pictures say it all.

Da Vinci Fella (Artists) by Ehsartem

Except to add, for what’s it worth, here is the link to the DA Site of ‘Blades-123: LINK:
And here is the logo to the avatar of his DA Site: :iconblades-123:


Archive Wildebeest Recent Art:Knockout Knocked Out

‘Archive Wildebeest Recent Art: FistFighters – A Knockout Knocked Out’.  Painting by: Cameroon Wildebeest, Jr.
This is the full title as the DA title block doesn't have enough slot for all the words. 

Boxer fella (Sports) by Ehsartem

Actually, in the looks department, both of these female fistfighters are knockouts.
However, the Redhead is the one who was pounded to the arena’s canvas floor, rendered unconscious by the Brunette.

This is another example of Cameroon’s outlandish visual sense of humor, in which he takes the viewer to a fistfighting boxing match and shows the yelp of triumph in the open mouth of the Brunette as she drops to the unyielding canvas to observe close up the closed eyes of her defeated rival.

An update:
On Sunday, March 30, 2014, on his Wildebeest blog, the following was posted which Cam had previously wrote some time earlier.  It is as follows: 

“Wildebeest Archive 009.  Yes, there may be some images repeated due to my own over site. Bear with me. I'm forgetful in my dodderage. Heh.”

One of those repeat images is at the top of this writeup.

It is from his Wildebeest Archives 006, dated Monday, March 10, 2014.  When the painting at the top of this tome was uploaded onto his blog he got two comments from blog viewers.  They are as follows:

From:  Anonymous – March 10, 2014:  “Priceless expressions.

Remarkable artist who lives ever on..^^  .”

Who added a day later: From: Anonymous – March 11, 2014: “Thanks for posting another excellent installment.
He will be missed.”

When these original late blogs were written time had run out for Cameroon, and was running out for his blog website.  This because he had died of cancer during September 2013.  Since that time his good friend Slid, and a great artist in his own right, was maintaining the blog. 

On Sunday, April 6, 2014, the following pending artistic tragedy was reported by Slid on Cameroon’s blog page:

Cam's Archives 010:

“It occurs to me that I've been posting material that has already been posted on this blog. Not some, but all of it. At least I think so.
Which brings up an issue.
I wrote on an earlier entry that I had backed up Cam's archives on the cloud. Actually, I had just begun the process when I wrote that premature announcement. I began another back up session soon after that blog entry and discovered that the hard drive that contained his archive was not findable on my computer. I tried the other Macs in my house and had the same result. Nothing. I checked RAID and it told me that both discs in the hard drive were present and healthy. I can still open one disc, the one that contained his reference material that he bequeathed to me, but not the one with his artwork. I think the data is still there, at least I'm going on that assumption. The drive doesn't act like there's a problem, after all.
Researching this I may be able to reach the hard drive with some rescue software that is a bit expensive for me right now. As soon as I can manage it, I'll get the software and try to contact the drive. Taking this to a data rescue company is currently out of my reach as well. I'd do it if I could, believe me. I'm terribly upset about this situation.
Until I can get the software I'll keep posting from the file that made it to the cloud, which is the source of my posts for the last two months. It may be that this is where he or I put files that had been posted on the blog for the sake of keeping track. Hopefully this won't take too long.
If anyone has any experience or expertise with peripheral hard drives, please advise me at If there is shareware worth anything that I might try then let me know.
I ask your patience on this matter.

That tragedy came to pass as the complete Wildebeest works were not recoverable.
This is why I, and Slid, and others, have endeavored to save as much of Cam’s artwork and writings as possible.  And here is another example.  

Moving on:
A few days later, Cameroon became reflective again, and on September 9, 2011 he wrote on his blogsite the following: 

“These are a few of my favorite things:
It occurred to me as I was reminiscing and researching for the previous post that I was eleven years old when I saw ‘From Russia, With Love’.  I saw it at a drive-in with my parents, sitting in the back seat eating one of the crap 10-cent hamburgers we'd smuggled in.  Even in 1963, 10 cents was a ridiculously low price for a burger.  I think we actually got a bag of ten for a dollar.  The meat patty was slightly thicker than cardboard and just about as tasty.
I guess I was old enough to sort of understand what was going on. I was certainly fascinated by the daggers in the toes of Rosa Klebb's shoes and the submarine periscope surreptitiously installed in the Russian embassy.
But when they got to the catfight between Aliza Gur and Martine Beswick, there was something else happening in the back seat of the old Ford.  I wasn't old enough to be sexually aroused by it, but I was – Intrigued, let's say. I didn't even know why.
In the novel version of Ian Fleming's From Russia With Love, the Romany camp catfight is not going well for Vida (played in the movie by Aliza Gur). Outmatched by her stronger and larger opponent, Zora (Martine Beswick in the film), Vida is trapped in a crushing bearhug and about to be slammed helplessly against a rock, leaving Zora free to do as she will with her.  But Vida escapes her foe's grasp by sinking her teeth into Zora's breasts.  Zora screams, releases Vida and backs away. Fleming describes the trickle of blood running down Zora's chest.
The movie had a certain impact on my nascent fetish when it came out in 1963. The more graphic catfight in the novel, which I read in 1964 or '65, probably had a significant influence on my interest in biting as a catfight tactic.
Every unfinished catfight narrative I've drawn, and more than a few of the standalone pieces, have included at least one moment where one rival sinks her teeth into the other's breast. Sometimes, blood trickles down the skin as it did with Zora.
Breast biting seems to be a fairly common element in catfight material. I have several hundred photos accumulated over the decades of women attacking each other's breasts with their teeth, and a couple of videos as well. I find the videos to be almost breathtakingly sexy.
But biting to the point of drawing blood is rare. In fact, I have found only one other piece of art that portrays it. It was drawn by J. M. Rolen, whose catfight art is usually so bloody and brutal that it makes even me queasy. (That's an observation, not a criticism, by the way. I suppose that some of the thousand or so catfight fans who have visited this blog since it began find my art so extreme as to be unsettling.)
So perhaps I am out on the fringe of the fringe with this, and violating one of the few taboos left in this genre.  In any event, here is an assortment of biting attacks I've drawn over the years, ranging from 1996 or thereabouts to within the past couple of years. I have others, and I'll include some of them in future posts.”

Again, reacting to this new reflection, there were a number of comments from viewers of his blog.  The following are from Cam’s ‘Blog Viewers Comments’ section:

From: shotgun6 – September 9, 2011:  “To each their own; my biting scenario involves both women locked tightly in a double headscissors, both squeezing as tight as they can with their locked legs, trying to crush each other’s head as they slowly roll on the floor.  Both girls dig their nails into the butt cheeks of their opponent, and in desperation, turn their heads to the side, biting into each other’s upper thigh!
Oh, yeah.  Forgot to add, I'd love to see you draw that!!!!”

From:  Anonymous – September 27, 2011:  “Frank Rusha's early photos had a lot of added blood in his works.”

From:  Epeyon0083 – January 12, 2012:  “Nipple Bite, love it ^_^ .  All of these pieces look great. Wonderful detail and awesome coloring as usual.”

So much for reflection.

Way back on August 15, 2012 Cameroon did have something else to say on his blogsite: 

“I'm drawing again.
After I got out of the hospital, I fell into the habit of just crashing in the easy chair and watching TV. I hadn't watched TV regularly in years, so I had some catching up to do.
But eventually, I remembered why I quit watching TV in the first place.  It just depresses the hell out of me.  It's not the content, although the content is certainly dismal, for the most part.  The problem is that it's so passive.  You just lay there in the recliner, letting this stuff bleat at you.  I need to be intellectually stimulated.  I need to interact, not just lie there.  Art and web surfing give me interaction and intellectual stimulation.
So now I’m drawing again, as my health allows. And I feel better emotionally and mentally for doing it.
What this means for you is that there are going to be more pages of Cavegirl Combat. I hope to have several ready in a couple of weeks.
At this point in my illness, about one-fourth of sufferers are already dead.  Except for the effects of chemotherapy, I’m leading a fairly normal life.  But the long-term survival rate — Past five years or so — Is almost zero.  While I feel pretty good now, I could start going downhill very suddenly and very quickly. I hope to have a lot more art for you before that happens.”

Cameroon, the artist, in his ‘Blog’, had the following as his first entry in that blog, and was posted on a Thursday, September 1, 2011.  It has nothing to do with the featured picture, other than this render was eventually placed in his blog as a standalone picture: 

“Getting started:  I didn't give a lot of thought to the name ‘Cameroon Wildebeest, Jr.’ before I adopted it.  I was posting something on Usenet back in 19-whatever, and I just used the first two words that popped into my head. If I had known I would still be using it fifteen years later, I would have given it more thought.
In any event, if you're familiar with my nom de plume at all, it's probably in connection with my female fighting art that's been posted around the Internet over the past ten years or so.
I kept an alias for that work because I also had a busy career as a 'Mainstream' commercial artist, and I didn't want my day job impacted by my obsession/fetish/hobby.
Now I'm at a stage in my life where I don't have to be quite so secretive. That doesn't mean I'm going to post my 'Real' identity here, but I am going to allow my profile to be somewhat higher.
More to come...”

There was much more to come.

There’s a ‘However’ to all this.  A few weeks after he uploaded this render on his blog Cameroon wrote the following, which gave an ominous hint of how serious his medical condition was.  He started out explaining what he was doing with an illustrated story he titled:  ‘Cavegirl Combat’.  After that he opened up about a medical problem he was facing:

“Wednesday, December 21, 2011.  Update:  Sorry I haven't been more conscientious about updating the blog.  I agree that Cavegirl Combat is a little long on fist fighting and needs some variety. There are changes ahead, but as I said before, it's moving forward slowly. I will probably not try to create a story of this length again.  And I am working quite a bit ahead, so it may be awhile before you see the maneuver or fighting style that's your personal favorite.  As I mentioned before, I remain concerned about some of the material I've created that has not yet been published. I'm sure all of you will like it, but there are some things in this art that I've never seen portrayed before, or at least not portrayed this graphically. I'm speaking in terms of sexuality rather than violence. Well, it's sex and violence together, of course, because that's what the catfighting fetish is all about. But the art is more sexually explicit than violently explicit. One panel in particular may be over the top, and I'm not sure I'll use it, although it's one of my personal favorites.
Lastly, a health update. I am on a medication that seems to be knocking me flat on my ass. I am lacking energy and enthusiasm. This drug has a mood-altering side effect in a small percentage of users, and I appear to be in that small percentage. I've experienced this off-and-on for several years, since I was first prescribed this medication. But the doctor recently upped the dosage, and I am now just zoned out about two-thirds of the day. This drug treats a condition that crippled my father, and killed both of his parents, so I'm not going to mess around with it.  If you read between the lines of this blog, you will correctly infer that I am not a young man anymore. I have no desire to be 20 or 30 again, but I have reached that stage where aging has started to be a real fucking nuisance.”

That was then and this is now, and ‘Now’ means hereby is uploaded one of his works from his blog.

Now to something of greater import:

In my DA Main Site: ‘drewhammond’ I have a number of folders, and as such each folder will have a full size avatar as its logo.  When selecting an avatar for a group folder it has to be the best of the best because it will represent all of the other renders in that folder.  That is why I have chosen this one, as I consider it a masterpiece in representing both the imagination and attention to detail that Cameroon brings to a considerable number of his works. This astonishing picture is a combination of stunning beauty (Especially stunning are these two) and the brutality of a female ‘Catfight To The Finish’ – Literally.  In addition, the malevolence in the face of the Negress sealed the deal on my choosing this render as the avatar.
The following is the visual link to the avatar of my 'DA Main Site' folder titled: ‘The Best Of Wildebeest', in which all of his renders will eventually reside:  LINK: 

Avatar:Best Of Wildebeest Folder-DA Main Site by drewhammond

My very good friend George, of DA fame ‘femfiteart’, has informed me that Cameroon, an artist he admires greatly, as do I, has died of cancer back in September 2013.  Cam has a DA Site: ‘cameroonw’, and what concerns me is to my knowledge, no one is maintaining his DA Site.  Eventually, the DA maintainers will delete his site because of lack of upkeep.  Consequently, I am horrified at the thought of all of his superb work will eventually be deleted.
In order to preserve these superb paintings for the Deviant Art viewers, I am setting up on my ‘Main DA Site (drewhammond), an Archive folder that will be titled: ‘The Best Of Wildebeest’.

Combined in these archives there will be three series:

1.  ‘Early Artworks’:  Cam, the nickname we, the legion of his admirers of his artistic oeuvre, have given him, which is short for Cameroon – Underwent two distinct artistic stages as he evolved as an artist.  The first one is what I consider his: ‘Early Artworks’, and will be identified as such when they are uploaded in my Main Site.  And this upload, which is featured above this writeup, is one of those 'Early Artworks'.

2.  ‘Recent Artworks’:  Eventually, as many artists do as they artistically mature, Cam changed his painting style, and it is quite distinct from his earlier works.  Naturally they will be identified as his: ‘Recent Artworks’.

3.  ‘Pure Artworks’:  Finally, there are the ‘Pure Artworks’.  What I mean by ‘Pure’ is over the years Cam has produced a number of illustrated stories, consisting of a number of painted panels of fighting women, and within those panels are what we call ‘Balloons’, which are round or square white spots with descriptive writing within them.  I sort of look at these panels as ‘Unpure Art’.

Seems I’ve created a new word with: ‘Unpure’.  About four hundred years ago some guy named Shakespeare, who thought he could write, created around a thousand new English words, most of which are still in use.  Seems I’ve got a way to go.

Anyway, I’m a purist, in that I tend to see things as black or white.  And I’m not talking about women.  I’m not one of those ‘Shades Of Grey’ guys.  So what I’ve done is select a number of Cam’s great illustrated/worded panels and sent them to a good artist friend of mine and commissioned him to purify them.  Meaning, he removed the words, then blended in the holes with the surrounding artwork.  He admires the works of Wildebeest as much as I do, and charged me a very reasonable fee.  For both of us this ‘Pure Art’ project is jointly an act of love.
The artist I send these unpure art works to is Alex Leslie, and he has a DA Site he calls: 'lanista8'.  He does commissions, and has done a number of them for me.  Alex is a really good friend of mine, as well as being an even greater artist, who is as good as they come.  He does splendid work at a fair price and is patient – To a fault, and delivers on time.  The following is the link to his 'linista8' DA Site: LINK:
And here is the logo for the avatar of his DA Site: LINK: :iconlanista8:

To sum up, each of the three series will be identified in the title.  And this render is one of the ‘Recent Artworks’ to be currently uploaded.

As to my concern about losing artwork, there is precedent.  There was an artist from Argentina, who in his DA Site went by: ‘Richard 57’; and he had a number of astonishing paintings and illustrations of combative women on this web.  And then it abruptly closed down.  The horror is all the artwork was gone.  I consider Richard’s work of such importance that I have gone to considerable research, and personal expense in order to resurrect his stunning artwork so the DA viewers can see his fighting women artwork anew.

Here is a visual link to one of those Richard 57 paintings which I titled: 'Archive MWBO: Begin It Now – Viking Queen':  LINK:  

MWBO:Begin It Now-Viking Queen by drewhammond

And I am now doing the same for the Wildebeest art works.

To continue:  Many great artists evolve over time, and Wildebeest is one of those evolvers.
To repeat, as was done, and stated, earlier in this essay – There is precedent.  In this case years ago an astonishing illustrator named Robert A. Moody (who combined his initials into RAM) developed a tight detailed style of illustration utilizing black ink and pencil shading into stunning black and white illustrations – Which he signed off with: ‘RAM’.

Here is a visual link to that Early RAM style which I titled: 'Global Warming II': LINK:  

Archive: Global Warming II by drewhammond

Years later Bob Moody evolved into a looser style of illustration, using far less ink, less shading, and signed off as: ‘RUMBLER’.

Here is a visual link of an example of that RUMBLER style which I titled: ‘Archive: RUMBLER – Arena Wrestling: Stomach Smash’:  LINK:  

Archive:RUMBLER-Arena Wrestling:Stomach Smash by drewhammond

And Cam has also gone through two distinct artistic stages.

Because DA only allows six 'Visuals' in a writeup, I can not show an example at this time of what I consider his first artistic stage – His 'First Wildebeest' style of painting.

Because DA only allows six 'Visuals' in a writeup, I can not show an example at this time of what I consider his second artistic stage – His ‘Recent Wildebeest’ artwork.

Again, because DA only allows six 'Visuals' in a writeup, I can not show an example at this time of what I consider his third artistic stage – His modified ‘Pure Wildebeest style of painting.

Now, in order for this superb illustration to conform to this archive of his works and make it more descriptive, I had to create a title, this because Cam didn't: ‘Archive Wildebeest Recent Art: Fistfighters - A Knockout Knocked Out’.  Here is my reasoning for the title I gave this work:
It starts with: ‘Archive’, because that is where it is going – Into an archive titled: ‘The Best Of Wildebeest’ which will be devoted entirely to saving the creations of Wildebeest.
Next is what the artist wanted to be known as: Wildebeest’.
After that which of the three series does it belong to, and in this case it is: ‘Recent Art’.
Continuing with: 'Fistfighters'.  Describing who these two are.
Concluding with what has just happened during this fistfighting boxing match: ‘Pinned’.  A Knockout Knocked Out'.  And that she is.
The genius of Wildebeest’s art is it is often ‘Over The Top’ and he does it with style and humor.  And in this painting the style of his humor is outrageous – Both visually and humorously.  The expression on one of the two faces of these women is priceless.  The expression on the other face is of deep sleep.  At the start of what may have been a competitive fistfighting boxing match, things could have started to get out of hand.  Knowing Cam’s propensity of having his friendly fights degenerate into ‘Fight To The Finish’ battles, that competitive spirit has now turned into a serious brutal attack by the Brunette onto the Redhead who was once her opponent, but now turned rival.  The face of one is of victory, while the face of the other is of deep sleep.
The expression ‘War’, taking place during a boxing match being held in an arena comes to mind.  The artist has now made the subject of ‘War’ very erotic.  This eventually led to a knockout of a picture – Literally.
Now, there are times when I will have to change or modify a title of one of this artist’s works, and this is one of those times; however, what I won’t change is my admiration of his stunning artistic genius.
Well, I’ve pretty much said in the title just about everything a viewer needs to know.  Upon reflection, what else need be said?  The artwork speaks for itself.
And that is all I’m going to say about this at this time. 

Moving on:
I see this as a race against time before we lose all of his renderings.  Therefore, I’m going to try and upload in the archive: ‘The Best Of Wildebeest’, on a one render per week basis.  Finally, here are some comments by the great man himself when he first opened up his DA Site:

‘First art submissions’ – October 28, 2012:  “It is with some reluctance and trepidation that I post a smattering of my work here on DA Art.  I am trying to adhere to both the spirit and the letter of the rules; I hope nothing here violates that. Ninety-nine percent of my hobby art is NSFW.”

When I saw: ‘NSFW’, I wondered what the hell is NSWF.  So off to Google I went, and did I get an eyeful.  It seems the initials stand for: Not Suitable For Work.  Meaning, it is Internet slang for material that has a lot of nudity, and as such is considered by many to be pornography.  I see his point, as this render could be considered as porno by some groups of well meaning people.  However, I see it as great combative women art. 

Anyway, he continues:  “What I enjoy drawing is fights between women, and that's about the only kind of work I do for my own amusement.  I also have a now-diminishing career as a mainstream graphic artist, and I use a pseudonym to protect that business.  I have posted what are frankly scraps from various projects, mostly uncompleted, to give you some vague idea of what kind of work I do.    I currently do not take commissions.  Some of my pages take days to complete.  If I were to charge for them, it would be in the hundreds of dollars, comparable to what I get paid for my mainstream work. By the way, I am not somebody famous.  If you don't live in my home town, you've never heard of me. I'm strictly local.  I have a blog, but in keeping with my intent to adhere to the rules, I will not post a link.  The stuff there is too NSFW.  You'll just have to get creative with Google to track it down. Good luck with that.  Cameroon Wildebeest, Jr.”

Some time later he wrote the following:

‘Better than expected’ – November 2, 2012:  “Well, I'm surprised and gratified by the response. I apologize for not thanking folks for comments and favourites. But there have been literally hundreds of responses. I gave up counting them.  I'm trying to keep up with all the comments, at least.  Someone asked if I would do a tutorial.  I don't know how to tell you how to do what I do.  I just picked it up by trial and error over the years. The single best thing I can tell you to do is get a copy of ‘Dynamic Anatomy’ by Burne Hogarth.  Hogarth drew the 'Tarzan' newspaper strip for many years, did a lot of advertising illustration, and founded the school where Eric Stanton learned his craft. (Gene Bilbrew as well, but, well, whatever.)  Hogarth did a whole series of books on drawing hands, heads, and clothing, but his 'Dynamic Anatomy' is the definitive book of the series.  I've also been thumbing through the 'Digital Painting Techniques' series, which you can find on Amazon.”

After that he later showed a painting of him working at his beloved art.  Here is the visual link to that render which I titled: 'Archive Wildebeest: The Artist's DA Avatar':  LINK:  Archive Wildebeest:The Artist's DA Avatar by drewhammond

He concluded with the following:

“Semi-retired commercial artist; barely motivated creator of erotic/catfight art.  My work is mostly too explicit to show here on DA, nor will I link to my blog.  You'll just have to hunt around on the Internet to find it. Sorry, but I'm trying to abide by the rules here.  Tools of the Trade:  Painter; Photoshop; Illustrator; Mac; and Wacom.”

Postscript:  Towards the end of his life he posted on the web his cancer condition:

“Updates.  I guess a health update is in order.  I've done a dozen chemo treatments, and the doctor wants me to do more.  The stuff is working, although the toll it takes on the rest of my body increases with each treatment. They had to delay my most recent treatment because my immune system was so damaged I couldn't handle it.  But I bounced back in a couple of weeks and went forward.  But this stuff is totally knocking me on my ass now.  This last treatment was the worst one yet. I have nausea almost all the time.  They gave me a prescription med for it, and it helps a lot.  I augment it with some, ahem, ‘Other Treatment’, and together they work very well.  I might mention that I have used more of that 'Other Treatment' since April than in my entire life up to that point – By a fairly wide margin.  I'm on it just about all the time.  It interferes with my creativity and my desire to draw, and I don't like that.  But trust me, I wouldn't have made it this far in the chemo if I had not had that stuff.  Incidentally, my blood pressure is the lowest it's been in decades. The 'Other Treatment', plus the weight loss (about forty pounds) have probably contributed to that.  Even with heavy medication, I've historically had trouble keeping my BP in a healthy range.  I think I've mentioned this before, but the five-year survival rate for what I have is only about ten percent, and beyond that, it drops to less than one percent.  And yet, there is a chance I will be in that less than one percent.  Regarding ‘Cavegirl Combat’, I can tell you that Oko and Mika will be pounding each other through next spring, and barring some outside interference, you'll get to see it. That much is done, and I'm working to finally finish the whole story.  I have other ideas as well, and I hope I get to start some of them.  I promise you, though, I will never do another story as long as this one.”

However, he continued to spiral downward.  The only things that were greater than his art was both his courage and optimistic spirit.

By now he knew the cancer he had was terminal.  Eventually the cancer won, but of greater import is the art prevailed.  And with the completion of a 96 panel series titled: ‘Cavegirl Combat’, the Wildebeest gained some measure of artistic immortality.

I believe the following is apropos about how Cam viewed his life:

'When I was a child, I spake as a child.
I understood as a child.
I thought as a child.
But when I became a man, I put away childish things.
For now we see through a glass, darkly.
But then face to face.
Now I know in part.
But then shall I know even as also I am known.'  1 Corinthians 13-11 KJV

T.S. Eliot, who won the Nobel Prize for literature, wrote a poem about how during our early life we were so busy trying to succeed, as well as being tied up in a knot of delusions, and added to that blinded by an even greater number of illusions, that we were unaware of the true value of all we did and who we interacted with.  Then towards the end of one’s life the blinders were cast away and were now able to view anew those original experiences with enlightened eyes, and that new vision gives one a totally different perspective of their past experiences and departed individuals, and to know all of them for the first time.

‘We shall not cease from exploration.
And the end of all our exploring,
Will be to arrive where we started.
And know the place for the first time.’   T. S. Eliot.

To be added.  Near the end of one’s life is to know our place for the first time, and to accept the enlightened promise that upon the moment of our death, each of us is but a drop of water to sink into the vast sea of human experience.  During our existence each of us will have drawn from the total of humanity, and in our departure shall each be added as another water droplet to that ever expanding ocean.

Damn, I miss him so.

‘Nuff said.

Except to add here is the link to his DA Site ‘cameroonw’.  LINK:
And here is the logo of his avatar of his DA website: LINK:  :iconcameroonw:

Bed Ring:Erotic Whimsey Made Visual

‘Bed Ring:  Erotic Whimsy Made Visual’.  Rendering by: RoxErotique.

Wow Fella (Smileys) by Ehsartem

This is a fun picture.  Sure it’s funny, but basically it’s meant to be a visual fun scene.
Now to emphasize one word in the subtitle of the main title: ‘Whimsy’.  This word is the essence of both the picture and title.  By definition ‘Whimsy’ is: ‘Playfully quaint.  Or fanciful behavior. Or humorous.
And this splendid piece of artwork is all three.

The artist who did this render is both talented and ‘In Deed’ whimsical.
Her DA Site nom de plume used to be: ‘Gemma Rox’.  Then she recently changed it to: ‘RoxErotique’, for good reason – In that her DA web site evolved into being more erotic.
She lives in Cardiff, which is both the capital and largest city in Wales.  The Welsh and Irish have a droll sense of humor, and in addition both are a rather feisty people.  In explaining this artist we’re back to definitions again.  ‘Droll Humor’ is: Dry amusement, meaning it’s not laugh-out-loud funny.  A person who has a dry/droll sense of humor is not expecting laughter – They having a humorous, whimsical, or odd quality.  And Gemma prides herself on being a bit odd.  Eccentric comes to mind.  For example it seems that early on Gemma was an amateur boxer.  This went on for about 6 years when she was in her boxing prime – Her 20’s.  Most women would think it odd that a woman in her prime years would place her face and body at risk of being hit with boxing gloves – Repeatedly.  As mentioned before, the Welsh and Irish are a pretty feisty people, and it would be a rather safe bet that both were matched up plenty during those 6 years.  Methinks there is a name for those gloved matchups, and it is called: ‘War’.

The following is what Ms. Rox wrote in her DA Main Site ‘Artists Comments’ section about this render:

Title:  ‘Bed Ring’:  “This is ALL Thanks to AFCombat!!!  
He so wonderfully talked me through ALL the steps of building my own sexy boudoir brawl pit! I'm going to have SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS!!!
Need to fix the lighting and the surroundings and make it more sexified but all in all I'm so pleased!
x G x

Well, it seems a number of DA viewers enjoyed this picture too.  The following are from Gemma’s DA ‘Viewers Comments’ section:   

From: suzukishinji – February 12, 2017:  “LOL! THIS is one funny idea! Well done! Love it! :D .”

Reply from: RoxErotique – February 12, 2017:  “Thank AFCombat!  He's the genius behind it!!!
x G x 

From: oldrugger82 – February 18, 2017:  “Bless them for helping you, but YOU are making this happen! And it is glorious :) .”

Reply from: RoxErotique – February 19, 2017:  “Thanks honey Heart  That means a lot!
x G x 

From: silence62025 – February 12, 2017:  “Yes!!!
More of this please!!”

Reply from: RoxErotique – February 12, 2017:  “Ooohhh there WILL be! Don't you worry! :D 
x G x “

From:  onek1995 – February 12, 2017:  “Look what you've done!! Pretty sweet!”

Reply from: RoxErotique – February 12, 2017:  “Thanks pickle! :D This is gonna be the start of some sensual wrestling :D .”

Gemma titled this evocative render: ‘Bed Ring’.
However, to place it in my DA ‘Featured Section’ l modified her title to:  ‘Bed Ring:  Erotic Whimsy Made Visual’.  The following is my reasoning for this modification:
Starting with including the original title: ‘Bed Ring’, because it certainly is.
Concluding with: ‘Erotic Whimsy Made Visual’.  Previously, a number of paragraphs were devoted to how whimsy was so integral to the scene and title.
This isn’t the first time I had to change or modify one of Gemma’s titles, nor will it be the last; but what I won’t modify is my opinion of her artistic genius.
And that is all I need to say about this at this time.

Since this all came about because of AFCombat’s pioneering concept of women fighting it out in a bed, here is a visual history of how Aaron, the name of the artist, came up with this unique venue for fighting women:

And here are some of the results:

Here is the visual link to this new venue that Aaron titled: 'The Boxing Bed (Possible New Venue?)': LINK:

The Boxing Bed (possible new venue?) by AFCombat

And here is Aaron's comment on this render, and is from his DA 'Artists Comments section: "Combined a few different things together, you may see a few different versions over the next few days."

And this is the finalized version, which he titled: 'Boxing Bed Final Version': LINK:  

Boxing bed final version by AFCombat

And here is Aaron's comment on this render, and is from his DA 'Artists Comments section:  "Think I've got everything where I want it now..."

The following are what Aaron had to show and tell about displaying this new concept:

Here is the visual link to this new venue that Aaron titled: 'Happy Valentine's Day?': LINK: 

Happy Valentine's Day? by AFCombat 

Here is a visual link to the next render he titled: 'Boxing Bed Fun!' LINK:

Boxing Bed Fun! by AFCombat

And here is Aaron's comment on this render, and is from his DA 'Artists Comments section: "Just testing out some bed poses, and seeing if Sonya's extra mass in the arms will cause any posing problems."

Moving on:
The following render is an early work by Gamma, and it is what first caught my eye.  Here is the visual link to a picture that Gemma titled: ‘ECWL 1 - Sneak Peak’, that she uploaded onto her DA Main Site which she calls: ‘GemmaRox’ on November 2, 2016. 
I thought it was such a stunning picture that I got her permission to do a writeup and uploaded it into my DA Group Site.  I titled it: 'GABGA: Picture 29A – Naked Female Cage FistFighters'.  Here is the visual link to that render: LINK: 

GABGA:Picture 29A-Naked Female Cage FistFighters by drewhammond

The title got me to thinking, what does: ‘ECWL 1’ mean?  And what is a: ‘Sneak Peak’?  So, I went to her ‘DA Artist Comment’ section and this is what she said:

Title: ‘ECWL 1 - Sneak Peak’:  “Megan is up against the cage wall and Rox is lighting her up with her furious strike game!
This isn't posted yet but you can see all the fight posted so far on

I went to her ‘Patreon’ site and saw that ‘ECWL’ was to be a series of erotic renders.  As concerns ‘Sneak Peak’, Gemma being Welsh, that may be how they spell: ‘Peek’ in their land.

So I wrote to her and said I would like you to do a commission for me to celebrate my hitting 1,900,000 DA HITS, and would like it in a similar style as her Sneak Peak.  After a month of back and forth E-Mails of ‘Tweaks’ (Revisions to the initial POV – Point Of View), here is the linked result presented below.

Also, lately the artist has started up a Patreon account.  Here is the link to that Patreon Site: LINK:…

However, when she first did this commission, it would be her first direct cash commission, via PayPal.  She had so much fun doing this stunning work of remarkable art that she is now open to doing more commissions.  I am not an easy patron of the arts, in that I have a vision in my mind’s eye that I want the artist, whom I commission, to make visual.  Meaning my vision.  That is why so many ‘Tweaks’, on my part are involved.  I will first send a rough POV (Point Of View) to the artist, and then we work back and forth with revision after revision (Tweaks) until I am satisfied.  Gemma was very patient with me, and offered some excellent suggestions which I agreed to and were incorporated into the final work.  Consequently, I highly recommend her for all of your combative women needs to be made visual.  She’s quick, talented, will do a work for a fair price, and best of all, will get it done on time.
By that I simply, and profoundly mean: ‘Good help is hard to find these days.’

Da Vinci Fella (Artists) by Ehsartem

Gemma has a great sense of humor, or as the Welsh would spell it: ‘Humour’, and we jointly decided to make this both a serious picture as well as over-the-top.  Now, the expression on the face of the Brownette boxer is priceless.  Her boob has been slammed so hard that her puffed out cheeks are about to expel an explosive ‘Oooph’ of air.  Now that’s a funny expression, if it wasn’t so damn painful – Try fight stopper.
When two boxers are fighting naked in an arena, filled with ringsiders, that’s a serious boxing match.  Then we put them into thigh-high leather fashion boots and changed serious to an outlandish over-the-top scenario.  Here is the visual link to that commissioned render:  LINK: 

1,900,000 DA HITS:Willing Spirit-But Weak Flesh by drewhammond 

What were we thinking?

What were we drinking? 

In conclusion I’m now ending this writeup with some stanzas by the greatest playwright of all time – Shakespeare, and they are about women from his play: ‘Twelfth Night’:

‘Alas, our frailty is the cause, not we.
For such as we are made of, such we be.
As I am woman, now, alas the day.
O time, thou must untangle this, not I.
It is too hard a knot for me to untie!’

Applaud fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem

In her tomorrow when the Brownette has partially recovered from her loss, she may become reflective about ‘Seeking A New Line Of Work’, and that is when she’ll have to face this knot of defeat, and attempt to untie it.  And in the doing decide to quit the 'Blood Sport' or to learn from it and continue.

‘Nuff said.

Except to add, here is the link to the DA Site ‘RoxErotique’:  LINK:
And here is the avatar of the logo of Gemma’s DA Main Site:  LINK: :iconroxerotique:

Archive:GABGA Picture 33A Archive-KO Win

‘Archive: GABGA Picture 33A Archive - Humiliating KO Win’.  Render by: MerlinKing. GABGA = Great Art Begets Greater Art. (052)

Boxer fella (Sports) by Ehsartem

This is a picture and writeup that is going into my DA Main Site Folder which archives all of my 'Merlin DA Renders'.  The folder is titled: 'Best Of Merlin's Kingdom And MerlinKing'.
This render and writeup were originally uploaded onto the 'Great Art Begets Greater Art' folder in my DA Group Site (Combative Women) on September 13, 2017.

Here is the complete writeup: 

We shall not cease from exploration.
And the end of all our exploring,
Will be to arrive where we started.
And know the place for the first time.’   By: T. S. Eliot.  ‘Little Gidding’.

This is the first picture of a two picture comparison. 
The second picture will have ‘Redux’ in its title, and that is because after viewing that second render, we, the DA viewers, will return to the first picture with enhanced insight ‘And know the place’ in our minds ‘For the first time’.

The word: ‘Redux’ is from the Latin word, ‘reducere’ which is ‘returning’, or to ‘lead back’.  What the artist, Merlin, did was return to his original render, which served as his inspiration to create a different view, and in the doing, do a re-do of that initial picture in order to set in the process to create a brand new version of what was already an epic POV (Point Of View).

This DA Group Folder is devoted to earlier art inspiring later (and at times greater) art to be created. This thirty-third (33) grouping in the series is titled: 'GABGA: Picture 33A'.  The subtitle I gave this picture is: ‘Archive: Humiliating KO Win’.  The following is how this current picture came into being (GABGA Picture 33A), and how it served as the inspiration for the following picture I titled: 'GABGA Picture 33B Archive: Humiliating KO Win – Redux', in this series 

What is unusual about these two renders is they were both done by the same artist: Merlin, who has a Main DA Site he calls: ‘MerlinKing’.
Normally, this specific Group Folder is devoted to an initial picture being created by one artist, and then a second artist sees that first render and it inspires him, or her, to recreate it in their own style and vision.  The glory of all this is a second picture is created (Which to the DA art community is wondrous in itself), and at times will make visual the soap commercials we all see in advertisements and TV, which have taken on the status of cliché when they announce: ‘New and Improved’.
In this instance Merlin is such an artistic giant, that in my opinion, his re-do of his first render has resulted in another render that is the equal of the first – In its own special way.  Although it is ‘New’, that doesn’t mean it is ‘Improved’.  Each has their own beauty, especially the Negress winner, whose glee in her face of her victory is astonishing in depicting her hard won triumph – Joy made visual.
Bottom line: It is just another way of looking at an epic masterpiece in a different way.  And we in DA are all the richer for it. 

As mentioned before, that re-do is called a ‘Redux’, and as such, here is the visual link to that second picture which I titled: 'GABGA: Picture 32B Archive: Humiliating KO Win – Redux’:  LINK:

GABGA Picture 33B Archive:Humiliating KO Win-Redux by drewhammond

How all this came about is from a writeup and pictorial upload that is in my DA Main Site (drewhammond).  It reads as follows:

“There are milestones in life as there are milestones in DA.  Concerning my Main Deviant Art Site, every time an additional 50,000 hits are registered, I consider that a milestone and seek to have a picture created in order to visually depict my hitting such an honor.
As an artist evolves he or she will also face a milestone.  And it can be a daunting one as they trudge toward the unknown fraught with risk – For in the distance is the promise of one of two momentous results: ‘Abject Failure or ‘Sublime Success’.
And that is what this artist has faced, does face, and will face.
And in the most part has created visual successes, some that are epic in their power, or beauty – At times both.
At times we together.
My good friend, Merlin, and I go back a long ways.  He has a DA Main Site he calls: ‘MerlinKing’.
If truth be told, I’m a writer, not an artist, and as such commission works of art – Both now and then.
And my ‘Then’ is a long time ago. Half a lifetime ago.
Many decades ago I once owned, wrote, published, and sold illustrated novellas and novels about combative women.  As well as a few mixed match ones, and in these acts of creation commissioned artists to do the illustrated art work.  All of which I have uploaded on my DA Main Site (drewhammond).
Currently on DA I still commission original art work but just post them, and include a written commentary on what I was attempting to depict as well as the background of the commissioned artist.  With some selected pictures have them framed and hang them on the walls of my house.  However they no longer go into illustrated stories.
In addition, I upload works by artists I admire and do writeups about their work and about them.  With their written permission of course, sent to me via DA Notes.
That is the case with the picture at the top of this writeup.
I have to rely on talented artists to make visual what is in my ‘Mind’s Eye’ – Either by commission or artist friends who submit their works of art to me in order to enhance my goal of making my DA Main Site one of the finest websites committed to the Yin and Yang of Combative Women.
And there is no artist in the combative women genre who is more talented than Merlin.
So in giving credit where credit is due this stunning female boxing picture was created by the artist, Merlin.
There are those who are his equal in their artistic skill, imagination, and depictions; but there are none who are better, especially in his obvious love of beautiful women, and admiration of their courage – Carefully crafted in exquisite detail and loving respect.
Now to the present work:
It bears repeating: At times we together.
Meaning at times, when Merlin has the time, we get together and collaborate on a new picture.
And at the top of this tome is the current result.
So what did we mutually set out to accomplish with this work?
Quite simply to re-create a classic victory pose that has become a visual cliché in the annals of female boxing – That of the winner signaling her victory over her flattened opponent by first thrusting her upper arms straight out, then bending her forearms at the elbows, to then thrust straight upwards, her hands displaying her glove enclosed fists in boxing’s ultimate triumph.
That being the visual cliché.  However, we also wanted it to be a provocative cliché.
It would have to be an ‘Over-The-Top’ boxing depiction, and there is not much that is more over the top than for one woman fighter sitting on the top of another woman fighter’s face.
However, we decided to not stop with over the top, but to enlarge the concept and scene to create an epic masterwork.
Starting with adding a female Referee who has dropped to the canvas and saw that the downed boxer is too dazed and is in such pain that she has no chance of regaining her feet.
She is about to perform the fundamental act of her hired purpose, which is to upcount to ‘Ten’ and award the match to the Negress via knockout.  The promoters of this underground encounter between these two female boxers did not give much latitude to their hired Referee.  Her main purpose was to break up clinches, and perform an end-count of: ‘10’ if there was a pending KO.  Otherwise she was not to interfere if the boxers decided to hit each other in their chests.  Or elsewhere.
Including not stopping the winning Negress, who saw that her Caucasian opponent had been punched out of this contest, from sitting on her rival’s face and displaying to the ringsiders female boxing’s ultimate humiliation.
Quite often the DA fight artists don’t put that third essential person inside the picture.  We did, and it was a female Referee – Doing her unique job of normally counting up, and in the doing counting out the loser from the match.
After that adding the downed fighter’s female trainer who is now slipping between the chained ropes to come to the aid of her dispatched charge.
Concluding with an elevated boxing ring that has been expressly set up in the basement of a factory, and in this case is literally for ‘Underground Fights’.  All this in order for wealthy female boxing aficionados to be witness to bare chested women punching away at each other in literal ‘Fights To The Finish’.
And they are in attendance to view a battle that will go on and on, round after round.  One of the few men’s rules allowed is the rounds are a grueling 3 minutes long.
These slugfests will only end when one of the boxers has been counted out, or has been damaged to such a degree that the Referee will stop the fight and award a ‘TKO’ (Technical Knock Out) win to the standing boxer.  It doesn’t go to a decision – Ringside judges need not apply.
And here they are, a small number of invited ringsiders all sitting at ringside, getting their cash money’s worth, for in both fistic and fiscal reality, it is ‘In Deed; a literal ‘Prize Fight’.”

Here is the visual link to that original picture, which I titled: ‘2,200,000 DA HITS: Ultimate Humiliation KO Win’.  LINK:

2,200,000 DA HITS:Ultimate Humiliation KO Win by drewhammond

Now to an update of the artist who created this render:
Merlin has retired – Sorta.

At the end of last year, December 2015, my good friend and artist, who calls himself: ‘Merlin’, retired from ‘Merlin’s Kingdom’, a website he helped create, along with his partner, Seaking, back in 2001.  During that time period he created about two illustrated stories a week to total 850 – A prodigious amount of superb artwork.  Not 850 individual pictures, but 850 illustrated stories that contained a multitude of pictures – Just about any, of such quality, that they could stand on their own as a fine work of combative female art.

But such artistic drive can come at a steep price.

Burned out comes to mind.
So he retired and gave both his artistic eyes and creative mind a much needed rest.

It lasted six months.

During June 2016 his creative urges eventually got the best of him and he started to create new works.  That is when he started up a DA Main Site he calls: ‘MerlinKing’.
And from that DA Site I selected a picture which would serve as the avatar for a folder I created which would hold all of Merlin’s Kingdom and MerlinKing’s past, present, and future renders.
Merlin and I have known each other that go back decades.  And during those many years I’ve devoted a lot of words detailing Merlin’s vast oeuvre of artwork.  Now, there are those who would label the whole combative women genre as: ‘Fetish’ – In both art and word.  However, methinks both Merlin and I view such subject matter with a clearer eye – Albeit we would both admit to our collective eyes being more than a bit prejudice, especially when he and I discuss the fetish aspect of females fighting other females – Or on occasion men.
All of which brings up the subject of: ‘Avatars’.  There is a folder in my DA Main Site (drewhammond) that contains all of my DA Main and Group uploads of ‘Merlin’s Kingdom’ renders.  It has been recently retitled: ‘The Best Of Merlin’s Kingdom And MerlinKing’, because new works from his own DA Site that I will display and write about will now be included.
Here is the visual link to the avatar that is the gatekeeper leading to his full array of those pictures I uploaded on Deviant Art:  LINK: 

Avatar:Best Of Merlin's Kingdom And MerlinKing by drewhammond

Looking back I’ve always considered Merlin as someone who is blessed.  Not in a religious way, instead he is doing what he likes, and how many of us can claim that.  He has conquered his craft and methinks in the doing has ‘Won a satisfaction and a triumph few men ever know’.
In his novel ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’, Thomas Wolfe wrote the following, and it is apropos to Merlin, to a stunning degree:

‘If a man has talent and cannot use it, he has failed. If he has talent and uses only half of it, he has half failed. If he has a talent and learns somehow to use the whole of it, he has gloriously succeeded, and won a satisfaction and a triumph few men ever know.’

Somehow, from a somewhere known only to his muse, this Englishman used his artistic talents to the fullest, and the result is we, his viewers, have experienced a visual satisfaction and psychic triumph from his art that has both dazzled our eyes as well as tormented the swirling, churning inners of our oft troubled souls.

In my DA Main Site: ‘DrewHammond’ I have a substantial number of this artist’s renders. As mentioned before, this fine Englishman used to have a website which he called: ‘Merlin’s Kingdom’ and it was devoted to combative women; as well as some combative men; and featured renderings in the 3D format by Merlin, who used to be the site’s co-owner.  On that site there is plenty to read too, as there are a number of stories, accompanied by pictures, throughout that site.  Merlin, who used to do the art work is from England, and as such everything is first class – In that his art reflects the rich artistic history of that noble race of island people.  And in the doing, reflects the unique inner vision to pictorially present all that is noble in action and spirit in combative women. Fighters who are willing to literally lay bare their bodies, display their deep courage, accept at times an amount of horrific pain in order to present an unrelenting desire to not only seek victory and glory, but to reveal their very inner souls in their quest to not only win, but to prevail.  Consequently, I suggest my viewers give that site a gander.

Da Vinci Fella (Artists) by Ehsartem

That said, not as titillation did we choose to display the fighters nearly naked.  Instead we attempted to strip away (Both literally and figuratively) that which attempts to hide the naked brutality of boxing.  At times it can be a bloody business, and that has been shown via various examples herein.
Only the essentials of boxing are included, the gloves for the fists and the footwear to keep from slipping on the canvas covered floor.  All else is laid bare (Literally) to the brutal baseness of an opponent’s gloved fists. 

Now to other matters of great import:
Over the years, a number of viewers have written to me essentially asking, ‘What the fuck is going on here?’  Or, ‘Why are you depicting women fighting each other?’
Well, the only answer I can give is this:  “You are what you love.  You are not the one who loves you back.”  Which means what you love defines you.  It doesn't matter what others think.  Of great danger is allowing those who love you define you.  It’s wonderful to be loved, but those who love you are human, and as such have human frailties.  If you allow them to define you, then when those frailties come to the fore, and they will – It’s a part of being human, then the hurt can be excruciating.  Sometimes to the point of suicide.

Now to the essential point:  These two women have determined to prove to themselves, and to themselves alone, of if they have what we pilots call: ‘The Right Stuff’.  They know full well that when they enter a boxing ring it is dangerous, and can be lethal on occasion.  Now, I can tell you that flying an airplane can be scary at times – When weather conditions rapidly deteriorate and you can’t see a damn thing, or having to land on a short runway and there is a 40 mph crosswind, or the ultimate terror, which is your engine quits.  It is those, and a myriad of other aerial situations, when you need the right stuff to not panic, to trust your instruments, and yourself.

And what is the ultimate test of a woman’s courage, spirit, body, and endurance?  In a word: War.  And boxing, be it with bare fists or gloves, is fistic war – Almost to ‘In Extremus’.  Actual warfare is both figuratively and literally: ‘At the point of death’, and from the Latin literally means: ‘In the farthest reaches.’
Our current civilization has modified this form of fistic war into a sport.  And ‘Aboveground’ has rules and ‘Belowground’ has none, with ‘Underground’ somewhere in between – Rule wise that is.
But this sport always takes place in some form of ‘Battleground’.  And in the ‘Background’ always lurks that ultimate price of warfare the: Spectre Of Death’.
Boxing is a dangerous sport and the ghost of death is always near.  In fact I had an artist friend of mine make visual that ghost.
Here is the visual link to that picture I titled: ‘Ghost Of Death - Always Near’. Rendering by: MkG2k7: LINK: 

Ghost Of Death-Always Near by drewhammond

The end result is these women become fistic warriors, and are willing to take a chance on propelling themselves ever forward in order to emerge victorious in this one on one war.  Knowing full well the fickle compass of fortune, or luck, or whatever, can swing against them and the painful consequences would result in their becoming severely battered about the face and body, bloodied, bruised, ultimately beaten into unconsciousness.  Conscripts who are joined in ferocious battles with outcomes that can end badly as they become casualties of war.

Finally, the bout at the top of this writeup was concluded seconds ago, a fleeting lifetime ago; but that was then, and this is now.  And in this now it is about inspiration, and my three favorite poet/writers who have inspired me greatly are in turn: Yahweh: the ‘King James Version’.  Will Shakespeare; the greatest playwright of all time.  And Bob Dylan; who just won the ‘Nobel Prize For Literature’.  I quote their stanzas often.

Now, with this literal ‘KnockOut’ of a picture I will end this tome with Shakespeare.  The meaning of the following words are inspirational in their solemn wisdom – That after a multitude of tomorrows all triumph and glory are fleeting:

‘Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time.
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools,
The way to dusty death.
Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow.
A poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage.
And then is heard no more.
It is a tale told by an idiot.
Full of sound and fury.
Signifying nothing.’        By: Shakespeare: ‘MacBeth’.

To conclude.  The combative women that Merlin portrays are realistic fighters.  A number of the DA artists portray their fighters with slim figures who are visually based upon Vogue Magazine models.  These almost stick like figures would be broken in two in no time by a buffed fighter.  As an aside, there are those who view Merlin’s well fed battlers as corpulent – In a word fat.  Now, the German word: ‘Kummerspeck’ means: ‘Excess Weight’ gained from emotional overeating.  Literally: ‘Grief Bacon’.  In my opinion they are not overweight, instead I see them as: ‘Voluptuous’.

It’s all here – The conscious and the unconscious, the ‘Yin And Yang’ of female boxing made for all to see.
The essence of Yin And Yang is what initially seems to be opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary.  In a physical way, both women are ‘In Deed’ interconnected as well as interdependent, in that both boxers are committed to a confined area called a ‘Boxing Ring’.  There is no escape from the enclosing ropes, in this case chains, which define the physical limits of all four sides. They stand or fall within those surrounding ropes/chains.  Once both have entered into the confining strands of ropes or links of chain, of what is known in boxing terms as the ‘Squared Circle’, there is no deliverance from that painful hell other than in eventual victory or defeat.
All sorts of yin and yang dualities are made manifest within those ropes – Be it light and dark, war and peace, love and hate, but in most instances it is usually triumph and despair.

Depicted here is a female fight to the finish.  And has just been finished.
This modern day female Gladiatrix has just pounded another Gladiatrix to that canvas floor, and the Referee is about to end the match in ten seconds.  Her obligatory countup to ‘Ten’ will be followed by two terminal fight ending words: “You’re Out”.  But this fallen warrior is not only ‘Out’ in her consciousness, she is also sans a victory, and of even greater import – Sans any cash for all the pain of her struggle.

This because to add to the loser’s humiliation, is both boxers agreed that this was a ‘Winner Take All’ match. The winner gets the whole prize fight cash purse – Which was the admission cost that was collected from the ringsiders, while all the pain and bruises endured by the defeated woman is now for naught.
And both women knew what they were doing.  The promoters didn’t demand such a term.  They just offered it, and each fighter took the term, because they felt that in the ring each would defeat the other.
In the beginning, to be a bit biblical, of the match, each of the women was devoted to rendering her opponent unconscious (At boxing’s worst), or have her give up and quit because of the horrific pain to her face and body (At boxing’s least).  This was not for sport, but, as the Greeks put it, it was because of: ‘Avarice’.  Which is the lust for money.  Lust can take many forms and in this case here is one form made visual.\
To that end their greed for a semblance of wealth prompted them to accept a ‘Winner Take All’ cash purse instead of paying out the money proportionally to winner and loser.  Consequently, each boxer wanted this fight to end as quickly as possible so the winner can take the money and run – So to speak.
Knowing this, this ‘All Or Nothing Fight’ was planned by the promoter to be a brutal affair, and to add to the agony they were issued 8 ounce boxing gloves.  Normally male fighters wear 8 ouncers, and up.  Because of their smaller hands and less body weight the women will wear a 6 ouncer if it takes place with ‘Underground Rules’.  The female boxers call them: ‘Nasties’, because at 6 ounces the gloves have just enough padding to protect the knuckles, but are small enough to dig deeply into the body or sting the face.  These nasty sized gloves were designed to appease the ‘Blood Lust’ of a limited number of women who are female boxing aficionados, and the greater number of male aficionados of women fighters who will pay the big bucks to sit at ringside during ‘Underground Bouts’.
Because these two were big girls and quite fit, they were issued the standard 8 ounce gloves that ‘Middleweight Boxers’ wear.

Brutally simple is the fact that boxing is a dangerous sport.  When knocked unconscious a fallen boxer will enter into a coma – Hopefully for a short time.  Sometimes, regrettably for a longer time.  This ominous ‘Fading To Black’ and possible sinking into oblivion has been put to words and music, and are brilliantly expressed with the following stanzas by a recently awarded ‘Nobel Prize Winner For Literature’.  This literary milestone was presented to one: Robert Allen Zimmerman:

‘It's getting dark, too dark to see.
I feel I'm knocking on heaven's door.
That long black cloud is coming down.
I feel I'm knocking on heaven's door.
Knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door.’  Bob Dylan: ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’

'Nuff said,

Other than here is the link to his DA Main Site 'MerlinKing':  LINK:
And here is the visual link to the avatar of his DA Site logo:  LINK: :iconmerlinking:

Getting Down And Dirty:On Our Knees-Literally

‘Getting Down And Dirty: On Our Knees – Literally’.  Render by: Fightinglisa And Polkaindepolder.

Boxer fella (Sports) by Ehsartem

This is one of a series of pictures that depicts a brutal boxing match between Liz, the Blonde, and Lisa, the Redhead.
I titled it: ‘Down And Dirty: On Our Knees – Literally’.
The title that was given to this superb render by Lisa, whose DA Main Site she calls: ‘Fightinglisa’, is a bit more succinct: ‘On Our Knees’.

However, invoking my poetic license, I felt these should be more ‘Oomph’ in the title to let the viewer know this was more than two fistfighters who had simply dropped to their knees.
By that I mean in this view, Lisa has really whammed Liz in the face with a solid right fist.
What follows is my reasoning for the modification of the original title:
Starting with what this fistfighting boxing match has degenerated down to.  And I do mean ‘Getting Down’:  ‘Getting Down And Dirty’.
After that Lisa’s original title: ‘On Our Knees’.
Concluding with: ‘Literally’.  Because they are.
Now there are times when I’ll modify or change one of Lisa’s titles, and this is one of those times.  But what I won’t modify is my opinion of the genius of her multiple talents.
And that is all I’m going to say on that subject at this time.

As mentioned before, Lisa called it: ‘On Our Knees’, which is a title that is quite apropos to the fistic action.
The following is from her DA Site ‘Artists Comments’ section when she uploaded it on December 19, 2016:

Title:  'On Our Knees': “Liz pressed me into the ropes, digging her knuckles into my ribs. Our weight stretched the rope backwards, and as I grabbed her hair I yanked her head back forcing her weight off of me. The rope snapped taunt and we both were propelled into the center of the ring.  We dropped down on our knees and both came up swinging.”

Concerning this specific fight, Lisa added the following:
“I am going to enjoy working with my friends :iconthis-cat-has-claws: and :iconpolkaindepolder: . I want to thank Liz for letting me use her body for a punching bag and Polka for his wonderful illustrations. Kiss .”

To be added:  What is a kick is reading some of the 'Trash Talk' from the other women viewers of this render, and then Lisa's retorts.  The following exchanges are from Lisa's DA Site 'Viewers Comments' section:

From: avs3d – December 19, 2016:  “This-Cat-Has-Clawsƒ and Fightinglisaƒ look so evenly matched. This will be a long hard fight with a lot of back and forths.”

Reply from: Fightinglisa –December 20, 2016:  “It has been a long hard fight. Not sure how much longer either of us can last.”

From: A-Mageddon – December 20, 2016:  “But it is very interesting who will win this battle. Here's still no obvious favorite :) .”

Reply from: Fightinglisa – December 20, 2016:  “Looks like she is as good as she says she is. This fight could go either way.”

From: This-Cat-Has-Claws – December 22, 2016:  “I misjudged you Lisa...  You're much tougher with your fists then I first thought you were. You're a pretty well rounded fighter ‘cause I know you can handle yourself in a cat fight as well.  It's a shame I’ll have to leave you lying in a pool of your own blood when this is done.:kiss:  .”

Reply from: Fightinglisa – December 22, 2016:  “Thank you for admitting you misjudged me. That means a lot. It almost makes me regret that you are the one that will lying in a pool of blood while I stand over your unconscious body. :kiss: .”

From: avs3d – January 26, 2017:  “Just looked at this once more and I have to say that those red hairs are very appealing. Gives me an idea on the hue I want to use if I create another redhead character.”

From: WarriorKing1 – January 28, 2017:  “No telling how long this fight will go.
Gets me a couple cold ones and some nacho's and dip as I pull up a chair. Looks like this is gonna take a while and I'm enjoying every second of it.”

From: Spider900 – July 19, 2017:  “Now this is some serious fighting.  That's the Amazon spirit.  Down on your knees and still slugging it out. There's no quit in you two. Love it.”

Reply from: Fightinglisa – July 19, 2017:  “Oh we are definitely serious. Both of us determined to take the other down.”

My God, they do go on. 

During one of these lengthy verbal tirades the artist, Polkaindepolder, made the following comment:  

From:  Polkaindepolder – November 18, 2016:  “My goodness Lizzie!  Have you ever been thís bitchy?
Love you more with every bitching word coming from your mouth.
And that’s a lót these days!”

Because it’s so apropos, I’ll end with Polka having the last words. 

Oh yes, speaking of Polka, when I first blundered into Fightinglisa’s DA Main gallery I immediately recognized the superb artistic style of Polka, who is one of the finest purveyors of combative women art in all of DA, whose own DA gallery he calls: ‘Polkaindepolder'.

When I saw that first picture on Lisa’s website I thought Polka had created a stunning picture, and what is especially stunning is that blow to the eye of the Blonde fistfighter.
Seeing that picture, and reading its description propelled me to immediately fire off a DA Note to Lisa and stated the following:

“Lisa, I just reviewed a number of your stories and you are an excellent writer. But that is not what I want to ask you about. You've had Polkaindepolder do a number of pictures for you and some of them are superb. Since they were either commissioned by you, or given to you by him, as far as DA is concerned you now own the rights to them. As such, I would like your permission (Which can be sent via DA Notes) to use some of those renders in my DA Site. I will link you, and your site in my extensive write-ups depicting the boxing scene, and let the DA viewers know that it is with your permission that I am using the pictures. And I will make sure that Polkaindepolder will get full credit as the artist. I get approximately 1,000 DA Hits a day, and that will be a lot of eyeballs seeing the picture and viewing the link back to your DA Site. And because of your talent, they will read your stories. Thank you in advance - With all due respect and admiration, Drew.”

Here is her quick reply via DA Notes:

Re: From Drew - A Request.
From: Fightinglisa:
To drewhammond: 

“Drew, thank you for the compliment. I have been a member of DA for 4 years but have only really been active for about a year. Polka gave the pictures to me shortly after I became active. He thought Liz (ThisCatHasClaws) and I would be good opponents and he gave them to me so I could post them on my page.
I would be happy to give my permission as long as you also mention Liz in your write up along with me and Polkaindepolder.
I admire your work and watch your page for your latest post.
Thank you again.

To which I readily agreed.

In this superb render of a fistfight between women in a boxing ring during the after hours of a closed boxing gym, there is precedent.  In fact a long pictorial history of these ‘Private Boxing Matches’ between female rivals who had some issues that needed to be decided – Via their fists.  Be they boxing glove enclosed or bare.

In fact, in these female underground ‘Fight To The Finish’ boxing matches, there have been a number of these artworks that are considered as classics.  For instance what follows are images in various genres:

1.  Sports Photography:  Here is the visual link to a photograph I took of an underground boxing match, which I uploaded way back on January 9, 2014 and titled: 'Right Hook To Jaw Punch: Underground Interracial Female Boxing'.
And like the picture at the top of this tome, one is slamming a right into the face of her opponent.  However, these two are not rivals, they are fighting for under the table cash money.  Visual LINK:   

Right Hook To Jaw-Underground Interracial Boxing by drewhammond

2.  Black And White Inked Shaded Illustration:  Here is the visual link to an original illustration I own by Eric Stanton that is included in an illustrated novel 'Brutal Sisters Battle' that I wrote and published years ago:  As in the picture at the top of this writeup, this fistfight has ended down on down on the knees.  Visual LINK:  

Brutal Sisters Battle-Stanton by drewhammond

3.  Digital Art - 3-Dimensional Art:  Here is the visual link to a 3D digital render that I titled: 'Hot Button Pictures: Arena'. With these two, it's: 'Down And Dirty'. Visual LINK: 

Hot Button Pictures: Arena by drewhammond

4.  Black And White Pencil Shaded Illustration: Here is the visual link to a pencil shaded illustration of one fistfighter who has been punched to her knees, which I titled 'Punched To Ground'.  Visual LINK: 

Punched To Ground by drewhammond 

5.  Combination Techniques:  Combining with a Digital Art render additional photo manipulation to get a painterly effect. The visual link to a picture I titled: 'Gutted Pose: Visual Impact - Body Shot Close Up': Visual LINK:  

Gutted Pose:Visual Impact-Up Close Body Shot by drewhammond

Enough said and viewed on this genre series.

Now to comply with Lisa’s request that I give artistic credit, where credit is due:

Starting with Lisa:
She’s an American whose primary artistic ‘Acts Of Creation’ are stories about physically combative women.  And she’s a damn fine writer.
In addition she likes to pictorially place herself in fights with other women, and because of her recognized writing talent by artists who are as equally talented as she, they create pictures for her that she can display on her DA Main Site she calls: ‘Fightinglisa’.

A number of them have already been uploaded in previous writeups.

There are times when all of these various talents of writing and picture creation are conjoined and the visual results are displayed throughout this writeup.  This uniting of diverse talents has a name and it is called:  ‘Symbiosis’.  By definition symbiosis is a noun, and it means:  ‘Either a close, or distant, long-term association between organisms of different species.  This association or relationship, is between two or more living organisms, where at least one receives some sort of benefit from the other.  Also, a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.’

As an aside, when the definition speaks of: ‘Association between organisms of different species’, I view that as a collaboration between two creative species, in this case writer and artist.
The other two creative species of this symbiosis are: Liz, whose DA Site is: 'This-Cat-Has-Claws' and Polka, whose site is: 'Polkaindepolder'.

Liz , who is from Canada, has a great sense of humor (Or as she, a Canadian, would spell it: 'Humour') and is a fine writer of combative women tomes.
Here is the link to her DA Main Site:  LINK: this-cat-has-claws.deviantart.…

As such, she likes to mix it up with other fighting women and wants to see the action visually.  That is when she goes to an artist whose artistic talent is the equal of her prose - And her humour. 

To give my viewers a glimpse of Polka's bizarre type of humor, here is a sample from his DA Journal:  "Life took a turn, I didn’t expect and I kinda lost control over the steering wheel."


And here is the link to his DA Site:… 
In addition, here is the visual link to the avatar of the logo of Polka's DA Site: LINK: :iconpolkaindepolder:
Both are worth a DA visit.

‘Nuff Said.

Except to add here is the link to Lisa’s DA Main Site:  LINK:
And here is the visual link to the avatar of her logo to her DA Main Site:  LINK:  :iconfightinglisa:


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